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JG F6613 SR16 RIS M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
[03433 / F6613]
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by K. SCHWARTZ Date Added: Wednesday 05 February, 2014
For: JG F6613 SR16 RIS M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is awesome. It shoots hard and has an excellent ROF. This gun also comes with a JG high-cap standard magazine which hold about 300 rounds. The construction of the gun itself is pretty nice. There are plenty of metal parts, which give the gun a nice weight.

The battery is pretty good. It doesn't last too long on a charge, but it is enough for a few games in one day. By the way, THE CHARGER IS CRAP! Get a smart charger. Then you won't have to risk your battery getting destroyed.

All in all, a great gun.

Awesome Power (425 fps)
Awesome ROF
Great weight, around 8 pounds
Magazine is metal
S-System is excellent for customization

There are a lot of plastic parts
The Magazine wobbles a bit when in place
The stock wobbles slightly, also
The Battery is hard to get in; in takes a lot of practice
The charger is crap.
by M. BURKE verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 29 January, 2014
verified buyer
For: JG F6613 SR16 RIS M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
Awesome gun, HIGH FPS right out of the box, decent ROF and jg gear boxes are invincible
get a mock peq for battery storge and it will take what ever you give it

GREAT beginner gun
won't break the bank

front end heavy
battery space (with the money this saved you get a PEQ battery box)
watch the receiver pin, they have the ability to fall out and destroy your internals
by C. GOLDFUS Date Added: Wednesday 29 January, 2014
For: JG F6613 SR16 RIS M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
This is a decent gun for the price. The gun is mostly metal (not including grip, stock, the usual stuff that isn't metal). It has good performance out of the box with a MOSFET integrated (that's GOOD news for those that don't know). This gun will stay in service for you for a long time. It's very durable with quality parts. I do have a couple major gripes for the JG S-System, however. 1.) This thing is a major b!+(4 to customize in regards to different rail options. It doesn't have typical M4 parts. 2.) It's very heavy for an M4. Point said.

-Lots of metal
-Customizable as far as grip/stock/gearbox goes
-Works well out of the box

-Very difficult and expensive to change out the rail system
-My rear sight broke with regular use
-Battery is tricky to get in, feels like I'm pinching wires every time
by T. STUSSY Date Added: Monday 27 January, 2014
For: JG F6613 SR16 RIS M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
Overall, this gun i fairly reliable and easy to carry. I have had it for about 4 years now, and the gearbox hasn't had ANY problems. If you purchase the full metal version, it may be fairly heavy for you, but it is a good buy overall.
P.S. You MAY need a new battery for this AEG, but it is not a big deal.

- Full Auto
- Electric
- Fast BPS
- Reliable
- Fairly Realistic
- Good Price
- JG is a Pretty Trusted Brand

- May be Heavy
- May need a new Battery
by C. YZAGUIRRE verified buyer Date Added: Friday 24 January, 2014
verified buyer
For: JG F6613 SR16 RIS M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
This was my first AEG I ever bought. It's a perfect starter gun for any noob ;). Most of the gun is made of plastic (upper/lower receivers, grip and hand guard). Metal parts on the exterior are outer barrel, sights, rails and buffer tube. It shoots at a decent FPS and has good range and accuracy. One thing i don't like about it is it has a small battery space, I cant even fit a small 9.6. Internally the gun is well built, although the shim job on it could be redone. Since it is front heavy smaller airsofters might have a hard time using the gun for a long game. All in all this was well worth the low price and I would highly recommend to anyone getting into airsoft.

Low price
Good range
Decent FPS
Great starter gun

Front heavy
Shimming needs redone
Small battery space
by R. ELLIOTT verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 07 January, 2014
verified buyer
For: JG F6613 SR16 RIS M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
JG M4 S-System. I highly recommend this gun, despite a few flaws, it is a great rifle. Accurate and dependable. I love mine.

This rifle is very well made and has amazing accuracy with decent range out of the box. It is very well built with very high quality internal parts. Mine was well shimmed with a nice reinforced gearbox.

The battery compartment is terrible in this rifle. It hardly fits the stock battery. Speaking of the battery, a new battery is mandatory for this gun. Also you should note that this gun is very hot, mine shoots 435 fps after six months of use.
by C. MAYORGA verified buyer Date Added: Monday 30 December, 2013
verified buyer
For: JG F6613 SR16 RIS M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
I bought this gun back in 2008 it has not yet failed me. only thing I found wrong out of the box was the stock being wobbly but that is an easy fix. Its a good starter gun for people who are starting out. Its a bit front heavy when battery is in. Battery can be difficult to put it in at first, but easy once you get used to it.

Great for the price
flip up sights
hits hard

Stock a little wobbly (easy fix)
by C. YOUNG Date Added: Friday 13 December, 2013
For: JG F6613 SR16 RIS M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
i thought it was a good gun but after less than a year it broke on me and it was only 4-5 battles so do not get

good cosmetics
heavy(depends good or bad)
good accuracy
good FPS

both receivers are plastic
stock will break fast
wires will break
maggs are wibble wobbley
bad sights
over priced
by M. GIANNONE verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 27 November, 2013
verified buyer
For: JG F6613 SR16 RIS M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:

I purchased this gun last november on Black Friday. (using my mom's account =( ) This is my first competitive airsoft gun and I must say I am very pleased with it. I have used it moderately over the last year in many wars and it has held up well. The only internal "problem" I've had with it is that after a several hour war, the screw that holds the buffer tube in place came unscrewed completely. This was just a simple 5-minute scredriver fix though. Externally, It is mosly ABS plastic, though it has metal where it neads it. The upper and lower recievers are plastic, as is the pistol grip, stock and dust cover. It has metal rails, trigger, trigger guard, buffer tube, outer barrel, sling mounts, charging handle, bolt, and front and rear flip-up sights. The internals are all high quality from what I've seen. However finish perfectionists be warned: the black paint on the screws comes off very easily. However, the rest of the paint has held up well. My gun clocked in at around 433 FPS. which is GREAT for field play. Unfortunately this will mean it shoots too fast for most indoor fields. I haven't tested the rate of fire, but I've been told it is around 65o rounds per minute.

Accuracy. Mine shoots a bit to the right, but I have had success hitting ranges farther than the advertised 120 ft.

Flip-up sights: VERY nice if you want to attach any kind of an optic. I can even use them effectively while wearing a large paintball mask.

Power: This thing hurts. Alot. I play in woods and this thing can punch through the dense brush to reach the target.

Noise: This gun is pretty loud. This can be a pro or a con, but when the enemy team hears this thing they run.

Easy take-down: I can Remove the barrel to unjam it and replace it in about 2 minutes

Hop-up: fairly standard unit, but it gets the job done.

Weight: this thing weighs in at about 9 Lbs. with no battery or ammunition in it. Not a big problem for me, but a smaller guy/girl might have trouble holding it for extended periods of time.

Battery compartment: SMALL! and very prone to wire pinch. I had to re-arrange the wires a bit to make sure they wouldn't get snipped when i shut the battery compartment.

Magazine: I would NOT recommend using it for any full-auto firing. It's prone to jamming alot. I use King-Arms mid capacity magazines. They work great.

sling mounts: not a huge deal, but they kind of annoy me. Might not be a con to everyone.

bolt: pulling back on the charging bolt reveals the hop up unit. However when you release the bolt, it tends to get stuck on the hop up unit. If you're very careless it could strip the hop up after a long time.

Over all, very nice gun. I would buy it as a beginner or seasoned veteran.

Hope this helped.
by W. HE verified buyer Date Added: Friday 29 November, 2013
verified buyer
For: JG F6613 SR16 RIS M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
Let me start off by saying that there are crap guns, so-so guns, terrific guns, guns that are a breeze to work with but are terrible on the field, and guns that are a DIY-er's worst nightmare, but are fantastic to play with. This gun falls in the last category.
Out of the box, there is a high chance you will get a blown fuse. I had one, lots of reviews here complain about it, but it's as simple as heading down to Autozone or something and picking up a 20A cylindrical glass fuse to shove into your gun. Afterwards, you can play with it just fine, and it'll tear it up. Although it's noisy, heavy, the battery never goes into the handguard willingly, and the plastic squeaks if you strain it, it's also darn accurate, a heavy hitter, and a fairly fast shooter with that JG Blue motor. Build quality is solid, it has a functional charging handle, sights are flip up, the stock doesn't wobble in the slightest, and you can drop it on its rails and the tile floor will crack before the handguard's paint chips.
However, should you ever decide to crack it open for a reshim and relube, you will be wanting to strangle a kitten by the end of it. S-Systems have a strange system for accessing the gearbox, which I didn't realize until I had disassembled the entire gun. In the process, I probably stripped a number of threads in the receiver from it being plastic. On top of that, this gearbox is totally uncooperative when you open it. The shimming out of the box is not great, the grease (for mine) was too sparse, and everything with a spring was bound to explode on a moments notice. I still have trouble shutting the thing with two people.
Technically speaking, the gearbox is a 6mm, non-reinforced shell with a standard gear ratio and has a ported cylinder, a piston with the first few teeth being metal, a non-ported cylinder head, and an air nozzle without an o-ring. Pretty early on, I changed out the gearbox to an 8mm reinforced unit with full polycarbs and reinforced gears from JG (which incidentally, is just as much of a pain to deal with). I would recommend switching to an air-nozzle with an o-ring if you don't change the box, though frequent re-greasings in that area can compensate.
The barrel and hop-up unit aren't the greatest, but they seem to get the job done. The hop-up unit is a plastic two-piece and the barrel is something like a 6.05mm, which technically isn't a TBB. Still seems to get the job done but, I switched in a Madbull 6.03 with the gearbox. The hop up was also changed to a Madbull, but I'm still troubleshooting the thing because this receiver was never meant to accept one-pieces.
The S-System receiver pretty much means that all though you have an awesome looking gun, you're stuck with its chunky glory permanently, because the receivers will not accept anything other than an S-System rail unit. So another upgrade you probably should do straight away is get bigger rails. It's unbelievable how tiny these things are.
Lastly, the weight balance on this thing is way off, because it's front-wired and all the heavy metal is up front. Get a fore-grip and sling with this or rewire it to the rear. It is exhausting to lug this thing around on a field, and especially taxing it you CQB hard.
But at the end of the day, as much grief as thing this bring me, I love this gun. It hauls butt and looks amazing while it does it. Just be prepared if you intend on upgrading this thing yourself. (Also, my apologies for the long review)

Hard hitter (I really mean it)
Fairly fast fire rate
Good out of the box
Looks awesome
Accepts most magazines (haven't run into anything that it won't feed if you remember to put the air nozzle on the tappet)
Rails are stronger than adamantium
Mostly upgradeable
Comes with a JG Blue
Flip-up sights, functional charging handle, two sling points, and a huge continuous optics rail

Heavy beyond belief with extreme front weight bias
Plastic, off-color receiver
Hop-up is two-piece and you'll need some serious modification to upgrade to anything else
Usually comes with a blown fuse
Shimming is not great
Needs regreasing
S-System doesn't allow you to change to any other rail
Tiny rails
PITA to assemble and disassemble
Battery never goes in (and you can't use 9.6v batteries unless you use a PEQ box or file the handguard)
Displaying 11 to 20 (of 140 reviews) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>] 
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