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AGM Full Metal MKII Sten AEG Airsoft Gun
[08173 / MP058 / AGMSTENMK2]
$184.99 $140.00
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by D. DE LEON verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 29 January, 2014
verified buyer
For: AGM Full Metal MKII Sten AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Got this gun about a month ago as a birthday gift, and i must say it sure packs some heat. The sten is a great gun for WW2 enthusiasts or for players who want a small submachine gun. When i recieved it, it was more than i was expecting, everything is made out of metal pretty much, and this gun has a custom gearbox also. I plugged a 9.6v battery into the sten, and it sure can hammer away at what your shooting, only problem I had was lack of mags. Overall I highly recommend the sten because it is a small gun thats a great collectors item and for small enclosed spaces.

- nice gearbox
-realistic feel and weight
-full metal

-A little play in stock but barley anything
-sorta akward to hold
-come with one 50 round mag which means you should buy more
-not ambidexterous
by P. LEE Date Added: Friday 17 January, 2014
For: AGM Full Metal MKII Sten AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
If you run a WW2 kit or just have an mp40, the sten will be a perfect fit. It's a bit awkward to get use to but it's a simple gun to use, great for cqc, shooting prone and rounding corners due to it's small profile. Don't expect anything fancy though...its is a sten after all

If you get this be sure to not hold the mag and use it as a "foregrip"...it's a common mistake people make, it'll wear your mag if you do so. Just hold it like any firearm and it'll serve you well. Also if you already have a mp40 you won't need to buy mags as the sten uses the same ones, it'll even take the king arms mid cap mags too.

-design allows excellent firing position when prone

-Takes any MP40 mag(I don't recommend the cybergun ones as they suck and are expensive, use the king arms mid

-great for budget minded airsofters who don't want anything fancy

-light....for a WW2 gun

-excellent for cqc due to it's design

-No attachments

-Uncomfortable to shoulder

-iron sights aren't that great

-side mounted mag may be odd for some(remember not to grip the mag when firing)
by C. ZEMANEK verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 11 October, 2012
verified buyer
For: AGM Full Metal MKII Sten AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This is my first WWII airsoft gun that I have purchased and it is at the head of a WWII collection I will be putting together and allow me to say that this weapon is AMAZING. Unfortunately I don't have any way of measuring FPS however the test record that was provided by AirsoftGI claimed that it measured around 330 fps which sounds and feels about right. This gun is an amazingly sturdy built gun, not only is it an amazing Sten replica but is also very functional and feels great as a CQB and close-field weapon. Two mags would have been nice seeing that its current mag does not hold much, but I have enough speed loaders to compensate for now, although I plan on purchasing a few more mags for it. My one complaint is the loose mag receiver, the piece moves slightly by a few millimeters only, so it's not a big deal. I found this gun to be a GREAT gun and cannot wait to continue to my next purchase!

-Sturdy build, very few parts wobbled and the ones that did only did slightly.
-High ROF, although I cannot "officially" test the ROF I can say that it is quite fast.
-Mid cap magazine, the magazine is a mid-cap of which I love as it feeds well and does not require winding.
-Short, mobile design.
-It's a WWII Sten!!!

-Could have used two magazines considering the one magazine only holds about 50 rounds and getting more is quite the pain at times.
-Like I said earlier, a few wobbly parts, but not too much.
-NO SAFETY: Okay so I purchased this knowing that it has no safety although I accedently pulled the trigger while the battery was in and a bullet shot my wall and lucky hit something before coming right at me, note that I did not have a magazine in and I know am more careful. The no safety is not a problem as long as you are careful, however this weapon is NOT FOR THE RECKLESS
by D. FABIANO verified buyer Date Added: Monday 25 July, 2011
verified buyer
For: AGM Full Metal MKII Sten AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This gun rules. I just got it a few days ago and I've already won a weekend skirmish with it. And, so far, it's racked up about 20 or so kills. It features a full metal tube stock, a full metal upper receiver, a full metal lower receiver, a full metal (rotatable) magwell, a metal handguard, full metal inner and outer barrels, a metal magazine, and welded-on iron sights (a lot of people say that the front sight post is too wide, but when you look down the sights, it's fine). The internals (including the hop-up) are also full metal. This gun is not really for the unfit or weak as it is quite hefty for an SMG. If I were you, I would definitely get this gun, especially if you're a WWII enthusiast like me.

-Solidly built (nothing jiggles)
-All joints are welded together
-Heavy weighted for a better feel
-High FPS (mine chronographed at an average of 374 FPS)
-Hop-up works GREAT

The only con is that the magazine only holds 55rds and extra mags are slightly expensive ($20.00).
Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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