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CA Full Metal SA 58 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun
[03435 / CA028M]
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by M. SMITH Date Added: Thursday 25 September, 2008
For: CA Full Metal SA 58 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Classic army has a winning AEG here.

I found this amazing AEG by accident!

Quick background:
I flew out to CA to play an event as the SAW gunner in my squad. Honestly I am sick of carrying the M249 weight for 4 days; so on a whim I decided to look at a long rifle to make the week more enjoyable (on the body).

On the wall was the SA58. OOOOOH! two different versions. I knew this weapon as a post Korean war era NATO weapon. CA just released it a few weeks earlier, so I had no clue it existed. I was intrigued. After test firing the floor model I knew CA was on to something here. That gun felt solid. I mean really solid. So much so I just decided to get it.I decided to go with the full version for barrel length, a 120 spring and a 9.6 battery.

The squad I play with uses Systema PTW Exclusively. This gun was on par and actually had better range! it totally rocked.

This is the best CA weapon period. I know because I have owned the 249- M4 - SCAR-L. I saw have owned the SCAR-L becuase after I purchased the SA58 the SCAR will never get touched again. i sold it and the M4 for the shorter version.

5 stars out of 5 stars.

1) Balance - This AEG is extremely well balanced. You can tote it around all day and you won't fatigue.
2) Accuracy - Holy SH#$@ nice grouping at extreme distances. 70 yard hits not a problem.
3) Range - Again this gun outperformed the entire squads (and my twin brother's Systema PTW).
4) Solid construction - You can shake this gun like a British nanny and nothing moves.
5) Easy to hold - even with sweaty hands you won't drop the front end.
6) Quality - As good as the Systema
7) Longevity - So far 20000 (yes 20k) rounds and absolutely no repairs.

1) Lack of Mid or Standard Magazines.
2) Sound is a little thin (clack is not as deep as I like to hear)
3) Custom pie wedge shape battery required - removing battery from the stock is ugly - just leave it in when you charge.
by M. BASSIGNANI Date Added: Monday 21 April, 2008
For: CA Full Metal SA 58 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun
I will start off by saying that the FN-FAL/SA-58 rifles are my favorite real steel rifles, so when I heard that acouple were coming out, I was very interested. When I finaly got my SA-58 rifle , I passed on the CQB version, I was very pleased It is solid and very well balanced. I got the basic upgrade and it shoots great. I have used it in two games all day and it has not even hiccupped once.
I shoots flawlessly and has outstanding range. The cycle rate is good. Changing mags are very easy and secure, they click in nicely and hold with no problems. Oerall I would recommend this rifle to anyone. Or to put it another way , I have been using an M-14 as my main field gun for the past two to three years, this gun has pushed that one in the reserve status.
Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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