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CM032 M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
[02910 / CM032WOOD]
$133.00 $126.35
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by G. MENDOZA Date Added: Sunday 17 January, 2010
For: CM032 M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
Cm032 wood m14
This rifle is of excellent quality, it is a very effective rifle and has supreme accuracy out of the box. The plastic wood is very solid and looks very real and deceiving. Its a bit darker than in the picture which adds much more realism to the rifle. It shoots about 380fps with .20g bbs out of the box which is pretty good. I used this rifle in a skirmish yesterday and performed excellent. Got 7 kills my first day (including a bayonet kill on the medic). It has about 150+ range with .25g bbs but they go a bit slow. Recommend a spring change strongly if you plan on acquiring this rifle for DMR use. The mag hold around 400 bbs and is metal. Overall, this gun is rugged enough, accurate enough, and has a menacing design that will satisfy your cravings for a elegant and cheap rifle.

Accurate 200+ feet.
Metal Magazine
Nice fake wood
adustable sights
Looks like an m1 garand (yay)
Charging handle and bolt release are astonishingly realistic and sound menacing.
Great weight and feel about 8 pounds.
Excellent safe mechanism; simple and effective (trigger safety)
380fps is alright for field use and is under 400fps restrictions.

Selector switch is iffy.
low rof.
bad battery space
LONG rifle. Its bigger than you think when your running around the woods.
Crappy sling it will break your gun.
by C. BATLEY verified buyer Date Added: Monday 18 January, 2010
verified buyer
For: CM032 M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
ok, so, ive had my gun for about 4 months, and i must say, ive had great AEG's, but nothing ever compared to this. when i first used it, i was amaxed that i hit a guy from aprox. 120 ft away when his bb's from his SCAR-H were just dropping down in front of my feet. I was very impressed at this guns appearance, as i am a HUGE fan of M14's the FPS of my gun was off the charts! the only problem was the Battery, as it is a small MAH, and it is hard to get in the gun. overall 5/5

Great range
amazing fps for AEG (I must have gotten a great one because Semi clocked at 370)
Hi cap mag
Super Sexy Look
Its a M14! the greatest mid range rifle ever to be created!

Battery is hard to get in
Bolt can break if you fiddle with it too much
Battery could have more MAH
by B. STOLTZ verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 26 January, 2010
verified buyer
For: CM032 M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
This is a pure battle rifle, plain and simple, with out up grading it and buying a scope mount its not a good dmr. its as heavy as a real one or close to it. the "fake wood" plastic looks real exept along the seams. this is a great gun for those long range woods battles and i use it for urban combat too but you need a sling and a side arm (c02 1911 works well). and DO NOT use the sling it comes with it will probly brake and u will drop your gun. i highly recomend this gun, its perfect if u use it with a good system like a few mags for it and a side arm.

very accurate with iron sights

winding key for mag is good

ROF is good enough for effective hip firing

battery for me lasts pretty long

mag cap is ok at least one extra mag is recomended

all metal bolt catch sounds very nice

all around great gun

need to be in shape if ur going to run with this gun it is heavy and limits the overall ammount of stuff u can carry

fire selecter switch is a lil loose but its nothing big
by M. GRIESGRABER verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 12 December, 2009
verified buyer
For: CM032 M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
I just got this gun recently and i have to say im impressed. It was tested at 380 fps but i have not shot it much yet or tested. Its fairly heavy 8.5-10 lbs which doesn't sound like much but it is. Another thing is I think a bipod may go along with this gun nicely. ITS NOT A SNIPER. After a shot everyone would know where you are. Its not a sniper, its a battle rifle that is for big boys only.

Looks real
Metal where it needs it
Its a M14

Can't be used as a DMR out of the box
front sight slightly off
Must rermove front sight for a suppessor

Its a great gun for $145 but it isnt great enough to be a DMR out of the box yet you just need some upgrades. Also don't forget the optics mount.
by T. CLARK Date Added: Sunday 13 December, 2009
For: CM032 M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
Disregard the review that said the gas tube was wobbly. You can tighten a nut on it, and it won't wobble anymore.

Ok now on to the review.

The gun's metal is obviously pot metal, and has a decent finish on it. It does however get scratched up very easily, and when I received mine, the tracks that the bolt moves along was scratched quite alot. Not really a problem for me since it was going to scratch up sooner or later anyway.

The bolt makes the coolest noise when it is pulled back and released, frighteningly realistic and pretty loud. The bolt cover however has a slight wobble and makes a little noise if the gun is shaken. The bolt cover also get's pretty scratched. It will only really wobble though if you are literally hopping through a skirmish though. Regular walking running won't cause it to wobble and make noise.
Other than the semi wobbly bolt cover everything else on this gun is solid. The front sling mount will be pretty annoying, but I would just stick some electric tape on it to stop it from flying around
The magazine has a slight wobble, and is pretty much expected with alot of airsoft replicas, again nothing to worry about, and could probably be fixed up with some electric tape around the mag or magwell.

The plastic on the frame is really nice and hard, and can take a beating. This gun can pretty much take anything you can throw at it internally and externally in my opinion. Also I have the black frame version so I can't comment on the quality of the Faux wood.

This gun really excels performance wise though. It has amazing stock range and accuracy right out of the box, and will reach your target from very, very far away. It's a nice platform for a cheap DMR, and will hold it's own against higher end brands. I upgraded mine with a SCS nub and is now even more accurate. Amazing gun.

Also another thing. The hop up bucking on this gun is shorter than other hop up buckings. Not a problem but if you get a aftermarket hop up bucking you have to cut it down to the size of your stock bucking. I ruined a Systema Hop up bucking trying to cut it so I advice you to be careful whilst cutting the bucking to size.

So all in all, this is one of the best performing guns in it's price range, and is a great addition to any Airsofters arsenal. This is also the best m14 for under 200 dollars by far. The only downside is the Rate of fire is pretty lackluster with a Intellect 8.4v. I recommend you run a Intellect 9.6v and you will get better performance.

Range, is around 180 feet stock if you can shoot good.

Accuracy. I haven't tested groupings but from 60 feet (give or take 10 feet) I can easily hit a can everytime)

Weight (pro or con)


Stock Tightbore

Low ROF on a 8.4v

metal scratches pretty easily (not a huge problem)

Bolts a little wobbly.
by P. HAERR verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 02 December, 2009
verified buyer
For: CM032 M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
Not a review on gun since I have not received it yet but what I do have to say is when i purchased it completly forgot about ammo! and i called back up a day later and they stoped my order and let me add the bag of BB's.The man was being nice even tho my phone was giving us problems so 5 out 5 in customer service most places u wouldnt hear somone voice or would hear click

looks like a great gun =) and service from this company was pretty swell id say us floridians dont much of a airsoft store here not for quilty.

wish could get free shipping on all BB's all the time cuz never gonna make a purchase over 100 bucks for free shipping to get my BB's =( but hey world is not perfect now is it GL have fun with all your airsofting men and women
by W. BARFIELD verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 18 October, 2009
verified buyer
For: CM032 M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
I've had this gun for about 2 months now, I like it alot, but one thing to note, the fore sling mount is a piece of crap. The mag is also wobbly and I have to rewind it every few shots, note this is the stock mag. Good ROF, good FPS mine is 390. And the fake gas diversion chamber (the cylinder under the barrel) is very very VERY loose, so loose I had to put black tape on it just so it wouldn't come off when firing. It also has a good little recoil to it.

Good ROF
Good FPS
A little recoil
Long (it might be a con)

Cheap sling mount
cheap gas chamber
shitty bolt mechanism
wobbly mag
by J. MANN verified buyer Date Added: Friday 02 October, 2009
verified buyer
For: CM032 M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
this gun is amazing. i play in a cqb/ woodland area and it is almost perfect. the long barrel makes it hard to move fast but it makes up for it in range and accuracy. with it's pre-installed tight bore and high cap mag it makes picking off my opponents a breeze. and the flash hider is relatively small compared to my friends g36c. i also added a ris and a red/green dot sight on it and it looks like a beast the only thing i really h8ed about it was the battery my suggestion is to get a better battery. it does fit the large 8.4 and some of those will last u all day. overall a great gun for the price

good mag (winding key is awesome)
easy to upgrade
pre-installed tbb
cheap price
sexy look

a bit long
bad sling
bad battery (nicd eewwww)
wobbly sights (the rail is sturdy but not included)
by S. MALLOY verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 01 October, 2009
verified buyer
For: CM032 M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
This gun rocks! of all of the airsoft guns that i've had this one is overall the best so far. i've had this rifle for about a year and have had no problems with it whatsoever. it shoots really accuratly and has a good rate of fire for an m14. the range on this gun is very far and hits hard with .25 bb's. i put a scope on mine becasue it was so good. i've had no major promblems except that once in a while the gun will fire on its own when you've let go of the trigger. don't make that stop you from getting this gun, if you want a long range hard hitting rifle buy this!

Range is great!
ROF is good
looks very realistic
dependable ( hasn't broken or had problems )

Auto firing after you pull the trigger ( rarley happens )
A bit heavy
battery is a tight fit.

Not much else, i highly recommend this gun.
by C. ROARK verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 13 September, 2009
verified buyer
For: CM032 M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
when i opened up the box my first reaction was dam this thing is long!
i picked it up and i was suprized how heavy it was even tho it had i had alot of plastic.
when i pulled the bolt back it did not have any tention at all. i looked into this opening ind i saw that the spring in the bolt was loked up. and wen i fired it there was this ratling in the gearbox at the end of each cycle. i returned it and got a store credit.

very very accurate
good fps mine was 380
high mag capacity
sights are dead on
realistic features
hop up rocks

bolt sucks
gearbox rattles
battery is hard to get in
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