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CM032 M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
[02910 / CM032WOOD]
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by J. JANECEK verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 21 May, 2013
verified buyer
For: CM032 M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
Comes with a 6.04 tight bore barrel.Shoots in the 355 to 360 range.Enhanced versions higher.Will need to clean barrell as most new guns,take time to snug all screws.Get the Cyma scope bracket as this screams for a red dot or scope if you prefer.It will shoot .26 TSD's and hit a pie plate at 120 feet in full auto burts very consistantly; with no fliers.Skermish ready straight out of box with replaced higher ma battery

Accurate,scopeable (with cyma bracket) and still use iron sites for closer shots.High capacity magazine.TM compatible.Some newr versions are closer to 380.My real wood (not plastic) version is shooting 398 and reaching very close in the 200ft range with .26TSD's.My favorite gun out of my collection.Love the look of the gun.A little quiter than other guns I play against.Pull the trigger guard and it unsnaps out.Gently remove stock after unplugging battery.Then 6 screws gets you into the bucking and inner barrel.Replacement assembly with everything behind the barrel, bolts right on for $60.

Very long ,if you like to run around or hide in confinded areas can get cumbersome.As with all new guns, replace stock battery with a 8.4 1600 ma small tamiya or numchuck style 9.6 bravo( for a little faster rate of fire).Heavier than most m4 and smaller aeg;s.Recommended for outdoor play only not close indoor combat.
by E. DIAMOS verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 21 November, 2012
verified buyer
For: CM032 M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
This gun is the best thing I've ordered at Airsoft G.I. This is my first gun bought in Airsoft G.I. by the way. This M14 is fantastic and yet gives the real feel an actual M14. I give this gun a overall 5 stars for its awesome design and looks.

Realistic Look
Metal Parts
Metal Gearbox
365+ FPS
Metal Flash Hider
Simulated Slide
Slide Lock
High Capacity Magazine (400 bbs)

Small battery compartment
A bit heavy (estimate: 10 pounds w/ Magazine)
Lousy sling
by D. CHISMAR verified buyer Date Added: Monday 31 December, 2012
verified buyer
For: CM032 M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
I have had this gun for about 2 years now and it is still amazing. It shoots around 370 FPS and has a decent range. For what you are paying for you may be getting the best M14 on the Market or at least mine is. It is NOT licensed by Springfield and there is no stamped marking on it at all which to me is not a big deal. The only problem I have had is that on my first day the forward sling mount broke letting the gun fall from my shoulder to a concrete floor at a CQB place. Yes this gun is very good at CQB, but anyway the gun was fine after that...the stock was cracked but I fixed it and It was fine since. Another thing was that the rod that stops the bolt broke in 2 places...CYMA thought it was smart to put little holes in it which is where it broke. lastly the trigger guard broke...and since there are not replacement parts I have someone rebuilding the broken pieces out of Carbon Steel.

Over all get the gun. It uses standard TM style mags and they are very well built and cheap. The gun is just amazing for me and I love it.

Cast Aluminum Build
370ish FPS
400 Round Hi Caps
Great Sniper weapon
Scope Mount available
Easily Upgraded
Very Trust worthy
Adjustable Rear and Front Sights
Suppressor will screw on the front (if front sight is removed)
Semi-Full auto

plastic immigration wood stock
Not Li-po ready
Heavy (Doesn't Bother me)
Selector Switch may fall off (Tighten the little screw on it after each game to be safe)
by K. SINGBEIL Date Added: Friday 17 December, 2010
For: CM032 M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
Bought this gun over the counter in LA while on vacation, was a bitch to get it back in Canada, but I finally got it. The first thing I thought about the gun was "Damn, is this thing heavy." The receiver, barrel, and magazine are metal. The bolt is the coolest thing to pull back and release, but fells kinda flimsy and may be the first thing to break. This will not affect the gun's performance, though. I have not used it in a game yet, but I fired probably 20 shots on auto and a couple on semi at a paper target at 50 feet, and I got a 3 cm grouping, and the .28 bbs pierced a blanket and a pillow I had behind the target. Iron sights are beautiful, no optics are needed, but may be useful for long range engagements. This weapon was bought to play a support gunner role on my team, and it's accuracy on auto, rate of fire, and range make it a perfect DMR or support weapon. It is very long and very heavy, and may not be useful in cqb, but for field use like I play, it is a dream come true. Bottom line, for $145, GET IT!

Rate of fire (Not amazing, but does not waste ammo)
Accuracy (I can regularly hit pop cans at 125 feet)
Weight (Something this heavy has got to last)
Fake wood (Beautiful, need to be up close to see the difference)
Length (Good for accuracy)
Stock tightbore barrel
Working bolt mechanism (Very scary sound to hear on the field)
Relatively loud gearbox (Pro for me cause this thing sounds like it means business)
Great hop up mechanism

Stock battery is weak, 8.4 volt
Heavy (Also a con, I'm a fairly big guy and I see myself getting tired of packing it in a long battle)
Battery compartment pretty small, even after the inner plastic piece is removed
Fairly front heavy, recommend shooting with support like a tree limb

Other than that, this gun is a beast, you will not be sorry you got this gun.
by M. CRAIG verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 14 November, 2010
verified buyer
For: CM032 M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
I received this gun a few months ago and have been pretty happy with my purchase. I have one complaint though. When I first took it out of the packaging I pulled back the bolt. I let go of the bolt, excited to hear the beautiful cling sound, and it didn't snap back. The bolt was broken. I was kind of mad. I emailed AirsoftGI and they were very cooperative though. They offered me to send it back. I never did send it back because I'm too lazy, but I luckily fixed the gun with some handy dandy duct tape! The gun itself was in amazing working condition. It's artificial wood is beautiful-almost as if it was real wood. It is very long, and very heavy, but I like it because it seems like it is the real thing. An OK rate of fire, nothing to die for. The battery, despite previous comments, is fairly easy to get in to the slot. I wish I would have bought a smart charger though, as if you leave this battery on the charger even 10 minutes over, and half of the battery's life is dead. This gun is very powerful, chronoing in right around 360 FPS. I was in a CQB and shot a friend from around 15 yards away and they got a bloody welt. So use this gun more as a sniper. Although, this gun isn't the quietest thing. I love it to death, and can't wait to share some good battles with this great gun!

- Artificial Wood looks real.
- Long and Heavy...feels real (could be a con for some)
- Powerful
- Accurate
- Fierce looking

- Bolt broke
- Sucky battery
- Goes through BB's quick (shows the amazing ROF)
by S. MORRIS verified buyer Date Added: Monday 20 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: CM032 M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
the gun it self is pretty cool looking. a few thing that went wrong when i got it were...
the mag dropped out when I was just target shooting. then the spring that loads the BB'S in to the mag well got out of place and stopped working. then the bolt that sounds and looks great is kind of lame. the first time I pulled the bolt back and let go every thing was fine. but as i did it more the little chrome tube that houses the spring, to snap the bolt forward, got lodged in the front of the gun. So the bolt was useless. But I sent it back to ASGI and the same thing happened. the mag is fine but the bolt is lame.

Fun to use
looks great
shoots well
and if you take the flash hider off there are threads!!!

bolt action breaks.
heavier than I expected.
by A. JT verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 29 August, 2010
verified buyer
For: CM032 M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
I recently purchased this gun from airsoft g.i., and i must say i am impressed. I have used this in several games now and its my new favorite. i usually play a sniper role (bolt action), so accuracy and range is very important to me. the CYMA m14 has both. the upside of this is that it does have full-auto capability for those tight situations, because sometimes you just need to keep their heads down. Overall a very good base weapon for a DM role.

Excellent accuracy, even on automatic
adjustable sights
hi-cap magazine
Marui compatible

heavy for long engagements
battery can be a pain to change, but no more than any other "in the stock" battery
by E. ZIEGLER verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 21 August, 2010
verified buyer
For: CM032 M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
This rifle is impressive! Don't worry about the "battery is hard to insert" comments...Yeah, it's a tight fit, but if you unscrew the entire buttplate, insert the battery, arrange the wires and then leave the connectors at the very back, you can simply charge the battery in the buttstock...No big deal...I manages to sight in the rifle in about five minutes...I had planned to add a scope or red dot to the gun, but the fixed sights are so good that I changed my mind...The gun shoots flat and hard...It's heavy and I would imagine it could be difficult to handle for smaller shooters...The faux wood is really nice, but mine did have a few blemishes in the plastic...Not enough to worry about either...Trash the sling and buy a good one if you want to use one...One really cool feature; the front sight is adjustable for elevation!...I'm using .28 BBs 'cause that's what I had in hand...I might try .30's just for the heck of it, but the .28's shoot straight and hard...(The gun is supposed to come with some BBs, but mine did not...They are probably junk anyway!)...The magazine is long...Wish there was a lower capacity mag that didn't extend so far...Mag winds with either a key or the usual dial on the bottom...In short, this is a fine gun for the price and I would recommend it without reservation.

Solid, Heavy
Very realistic looking
Shoots straight and hard
Great sights

Trash the sling
Battery is snug but easily inserted by removing buttplate
Could be heavy for smaller shooters
Some imperfections in the plastic fake wood, but nothing serious (Wood would get scratched anyway!)
by A. SCHNEIDERMAN verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 03 August, 2010
verified buyer
For: CM032 M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
Recieved this gun in the mail today. One thing I noticed when I opened the package was that the box was missing. It was the box lid with the styrophoam. No parts were missing, it just struck me as odd. It came with a small bag of .20 BBs. I wouldn't use them at all, they'd probably break the gun.

Previous reviews really overexaggutated the weight. I'm not particularly fit, and hefting it I could tell it's no heavier than the guns I borrow from my friends.

Here's the only problem: I immediately started messing around with the bolt, and noticed two small cracks in the faux metal (the exterior "metal" can't be real, no way it'd crack like plastic). They didn't look like parts essential to the gun's operation, so I'm not terribly worried. Nothing some touching up with glue won't fix. It is, however, the only thing keeping me from rating this a 5. After reading other reviews, it seems like people getting unlucky with the gun they recieve. If yours comes with an aesthetic issue, get over it. If it's an operational issue, Airsoft GI will most likely rectify it. Just be prepared to wait a little longer.

Overall, this is an amazing gun for its price. If you're willing to shell out another $50, you can upgrade to a 9.6v battery. It DRASTICALLY improves the RoF. Also keep in mind this is a battle rifle, not an assault rifle. Use it for long-range support, not storming the trenches on full-auto. That being said, don't use semi-auto, it tends to jam. Fire in bursts, or even single pulls of the trigger with full auto.

Weight (I like the heft)
Rate of fire (with 9.6v)
Faux wood/metal finish
High cap mag with butterfly winder
Adjustible sight
Price (only $145! Seriously, that's awesome cheap)
Did I mention that it looks badass?

Some parts seem brittle. Only aesthetics, so nothing serious.
Stock strap sucks. Seriously, don't use it. I'm going to make my own leather strap and try reinforcing the loop a bit.
Stock battery not so great. It works fine if you can't afford an upgrade, but the 9.6 is worth it.

These aren't serious cons, and in no way do they outweigh the pros. If you're looking for a cheap gun that doesn't suck, this is the way to go. Great beginner gun, with durability and potential for upgrades, this gun can last you a long time.

To reiterate, buy this gun.
by J. CUPLER verified buyer Date Added: Friday 30 July, 2010
verified buyer
For: CM032 M14 AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
BEST gun i have ever owned, has good weight, hight rate of fire and good FPS.the barrel, Main(ware the rear sight is), trigger assembly and magizine are all metal, and also the internals are all metal. And the body of the gun is heavy duty plastic. this is the best gun i have ever owned, and i beat everybody i VS. Dont listen to the other people about how the gun breaks, the reason it breaks is because they abuse the gun ar drop it ALOT!, this is the most well built gun i have ever had, so dont belive what the others say, and people complain that the magizine wobbles and bolts come loose, sofar none of that is true, nothing wobbles or comes loose that i have seen. over all this is a awesome gun if you are heavy into airsoft. it is a reliable gun and worth every penny!

Almost all metal
Good FPS
Good Rate of Fire
Has a threaded hole in the side of gun, you could put a scope or diff. sight on the gun
Not that expensive for how good the gun is
High Cap. Mag

Weight (only if your a wimp)
Strap is not good, recomended to buy another one
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