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(Discontinued) TM SEALs Commando
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by A. HARRIS Date Added: Thursday 15 February, 2007
For: (Discontinued) TM SEALs Commando
This review is in case you fell a sleep reading the previous review like I did....

First off, I don't know why they called it a SEALs Commando rather than a Sig 552, because that just confuses people. The Tokyo Marui Sig 55x series guns are some of the least used guns out there for several reasons. I own a old Sig 550 (with still functioning burst chip) and a Sig 552. That said, they are not bad guns in and of itself the product line just never picked up. Because of the fact that the Sig's never sold well makes external upgrades nearly impossible to find. Contrary to what the previous review seems to think, this gun is no more accurate than any other mid sized Marui gun around. Nothing special here. Here are the downsides to the guns, and there are a lot of them:

1) They are some of the most limited guns out there in regards to batteries. If you go above an 8.4v stick on either the 550 or 551 you will fry the burst chip. The 552 cannot hold more than a 8.4v mini without extensive modification.

2) Your choice of mags is also severely limited. The MAG midcaps are a relatively new addition and can be hard to find.

3) They creak and flex badly. This is probably due to the older design. The 550 came right after the FAMAS and the body quality shows it. To make it worse, the only metal body (or aftermarket body period) is the HurricanE metal body, which costs as much as the gun. Make no mistake, if you fall on this gun it will break into little pieces. I have seen it happen. This applies to the body and the folding stock. The folding stocks are far superior on the G36's.

4) Uses the Medium motor. The medium motor is only used by the Sig's and the PSG-1 meaning you can't replace the motor with one you have laying around.

5) Takes A LOT of practice to disassemble. If you check with most shops they charge extra to work on the Sig's. These guns are a pain to work on compared to about any other AEG out there.


1) Ummmm.... Well, it IS a Marui so you know the internals are reliable at least.

2) It's not an M4/M16 so you will probably be the only person in your group with one.

Really, I can't recommend you buy this gun. A poorly made stock body, battery restrictions , and lack of aftermarket parts make it hard to justifying buying the gun. Really the only reason to buy it is if you are a Sig fan or just want something different. You are better off sticking with a little more common of a gun.
by M. CHURCH Date Added: Friday 29 December, 2006
For: (Discontinued) TM SEALs Commando
I purchased this gun from another airsoft dealer, but I am going to write my review of it anyway.
Darn good gun. TM does it again. This weapon is a great all around cqb or standard infantry weapon. It is really well built, and has no major wobbles to worry about. The magazine is a really good magazine, although it does not hold alot of bbs.(but as mentioned before in another post, you would not need more bbs if you just aimed. Remember, we are not firemen and hosing of the target is prohibited.) The weapon is dead on accurate, and I am getting shot groupings comparable to the TM M14. But, how ever, there is a draw back....the sights get getting used to.

I would reccomend this weapon to anybody who wants a all around good weapon.
by D. JESKE Date Added: Friday 22 December, 2006
For: (Discontinued) TM SEALs Commando
***UPDATE 3****
David Jeske Was HERE

The only cons about the Marui Sig 552 is the following:

1.Small battery space.--*I solved that problem and told you how to do it your self without buying any new parts.*

2.Low-Hicap magazine.Only 220 rounds.--***But now thers a new magazine from ICS for the ICS And TM Sig55X!

Yes ICS has releases a new hi cap magazine that WILL fit the marui sig 552.
The new magazine hold **380ROUND!**

Link Below

any question or comment email me
[email protected]
by T. MCDANIEL Date Added: Tuesday 19 December, 2006
For: (Discontinued) TM SEALs Commando
Now for all of you who want to be a seal this is the CQB weapon of choice, I have one in my arsenol and it is by far the one I use most for CQB scenarios and when I put the TM tracer unit on it and my acog it just is the baddest mama jama on the scene. I have invested in the 220rd mags but I also stuck with the original battery to save on gear wear and tear. I just wish that TM would re-release the sig 550 & 551!!
by D. JESKE Date Added: Sunday 12 November, 2006
For: (Discontinued) TM SEALs Commando
*UPDATE 2*+Mod for sig552

Hey guys David Jeske Here.
Alright got my hicap mag in today.POP that baby in AND IT WAS A NEW BALL GAME!Felt like a LMG but i know there other AEG that 220hi-cap it considered a mid cap but this is my First REAL AEG so i was like the bloody Faunz!Anyways 5hours of airsofting plus 1 hour of dejamin my gun.(Best way to unjame take out BATTERY took me awhile to figure it out.)Alright the battery died on me after like 4rounds(im guessing 2hours?).Im using da 8.4 800mah or 600mah i forget

Alright I think this will let me use a bigger 8.4 battery.yes da battery space is small but:

1.Alright take off flash hider.
2.Take off Gas Regulater.(the thing on top of flash hider)
3.Unscrew it and remove it!
4.Take off top forgrip
5.to take off bottom forgrip push it towards stock the pull down.
6.youll see 2 screws on each side of the battery Holder(imma say)
7.Remove the battery holder and there.Nice space for bigger battery.


email:[email protected]
by D. JESKE Date Added: Friday 30 June, 2006
For: (Discontinued) TM SEALs Commando
Update 1.CQB With Richard.(Good Friend)

Classic Army M4a1 VS Tokyo Marui Sig 552

Alright So Before I Start.You Might Be Thinking That The M4. Would Win.On The Count That It Has A Higher FPS And A Metal Body.Well Little Things You Should Know Bout Classic Army.

When You Buy A Classic Army Your READY TO GO!
Youll Get The Gun With A Nice Hi-Cap Mag.With A Nice Metal Body and High Fps.Around 300-330.

Tokyo marui Needs To buy A hi-cap mag.And Fps Is Around 265-300.So When You Get It You Need To Save A Bit More Money To Get A Hi-cap Mag.

So We Did It at His School.(It was A Sunday.)
So Little History About the Guns We Have.

My Sig Is Still A Bit new.When I Wrote The Other Review It Was Only A Few Days After I Got It.
I Dont Have A Hi-Cap Mag Yet.When I Went To Airsoftgi.They Were Out On The Sig 552 Hi cap Mag.So I Just Bought A Charger And Some BB's.Havent Upgraded It Yet.I Might Not.I Might Just Buy A TightBore Barrel.

Richards Classic Army Had No External Upgrade.Just Internal.UpGraded With m100 Spring So its About 380Fps With .20 Grams BB's.

Alright So I See Him.Bout 70Feet Away.(Give Or Take 10feet)I Adjust My Hop up.(Its A Dial So ITS GREAT!Dial Up If Hes Realy Far.And Dial Down If Hes A Bit Close.)Adjust It.First Shot A CLEAR Missed Way TO MUCH!It Went Up After Like After 50feet.So Kinda Gave My Postion Away.But He dont See Me.I Was Behind A bench.He Was Shooting, Not At Me.He Was Shooting A Tree...
So My Second Shot Was A Breeze.He was Standing Still.He Had 2 Hi-cap mags.I Didnt Want To Switch To Auto Becuz I HAD A LOW-CAP MAG.It Was Like 45Rounds.But I Didnt Want To Miss Again.So I Did Switch To Auto And Did Short 3Round Burst.Dialed Down Some Ho-up AND I GOT HIM!

He Said It Didnt Hurt Him but He Had A Lil Welt.
We Played Like 10more Rounds And Left THE SCHOOL!Hes Thinking Bout Getting A Marui Now.I Wont Like 6 Rounds.But Hes A Little Gun-hoe.Spray And Pray You Might Say.
Little Stuff Bout The Brand AEG:
Advantages - Tokyo Marui TM automatic electric guns (AEGs) have been made in Japan since the 1980's and have an excellent reputation for reliability. The manufacturing is very precise and other airsoft manufacturers are catching up to this leader; however, the quality of the TM still makes the brand standout. Out of the box, the feet per second (FPS) is under 300fps; however, they are still very accurate for an airsoft rifle, most can hit a man size target up to 100ft away, a strong competitor on the battlefield. Once upgraded, these rifles are quick to see 400fps ratings. Uses standard parts so parts & accessories are easily obtainable in the USA.

Disadvantages - Marui's have plastic bodies which can break if dropped or "leaned on". TM guns are not officially trademarked so any HK or Colt trademarks are removed by "burning" the trademarks off the guns. This will leave a "scar" on the body. They are more expensive to upgrade. It is best to replace all the mech box internals (piston, piston head, bushings, cylinder head...etc) if upgrading to a M120 spring, which can cost approx $200. Most of the AEGs do not come with a high capacity magazine, so typically this is a "must have" accessory purchased with the gun.

Advantages - Classic Army is a Hong Kong manufacturer, and customers are impressed by theses replicas. They are our most popular high-end guns. Their all metal bodies adds weight and realism to the rifle. The fps is over 300 and rifles recently have been rated at 330fps out of the box. They are officially trademarked by Armalite and BT so no "burn marks" on the bodies. They do come with a high capacity magazine, which is 300 rds for M15 and 200 rds for MP5. Needs less aftermarket internal parts to upgrade to an M120 spring. Once upgraded, they typically rate at 365 - 385 fps. CA has the most realistic look & feel AEGs on the market, and are the most popular AEG on the battlefield. Uses standard parts so parts & accessories are easily obtainable in the USA.

Disadvantages - The bodies are metal, but not an extremely strong metal (they are not steel). They can still break if dropped or stumbled on. They are a reliable AEG, but do need some minor "tweaking" everyone once in awhile. If upgrading the AEG, the piston head should be replaced.

Advantages - ICS replicas are made in Taiwan and have strong metal bodies. For example the M4's are steel. With the flip top design, the M16/M4s have an easily accessible gear box (nice to have if ever get a bb stuck in the gun). They are officially trademarked by Olympic Arms so no "burn marks" on the rifles. Out of the box they are accurate, shoot far, and rated approx 300+ fps. Also, the M16/M4s have a very high rate of fire. They do come with a high-capacity 450 round magazine for the M4 and 230 round for the MP5's. Uses standard parts so parts & accessories are easily obtainable in the USA. Out of the box, the ICS guns are ready for action.

Disadvantages - ICS guns do not upgrade well. Out of the box they shoot great, but soon as a spring upgrade is attempted, then other parts on the AEG typically start to fail. For example, motor typically gives out. The stock wiring system tends to not function properly, hop-up starts to shoot 2 bb's. It is a very costly gun to upgrade, and we have seen customers revert back to the lighter spring for the higher rate of fire that is lessened with the tighter spring. Leave them along... they work best in stock condition.
(I Got This Off A Site Dont KNow Which Site Though.)

So Thats It Ill Keep Updating.
[email protected]
by M. FRAESSDORF Date Added: Thursday 22 June, 2006
For: (Discontinued) TM SEALs Commando
this is a great gun,got it today and noticed that the battery compartment is really small,but i put a battery box on the rail and some minor adjustments to the hand guard ie drilling a hole for the wire hook up and all is fine.put a 9.6 volt battery in it and shot it on auto....wow! so far im very pleased with it and will be up grading it with a spring soon,never the less it still cut a beer can in half at 3 feet,sweet!
by D. JESKE Date Added: Friday 09 June, 2006
For: (Discontinued) TM SEALs Commando
Im Ratting This Gun A 5 Out Of 5!
For The Following:

1.If Your Looking For Something A Bit More Uniqe Then I Say Go With The Sig 552.Everyone Has A M16,M4,Mp5,Ak-47, And A G36c.

2.The Marui Has Alot Of CQB Weapons But This Can Be Used For CQB AND Long Range.With The Folding Stock Its A Nice Gun.

3.No Wobble So What Ever!All The Other Marui Guns Have Some Wobble In The Barrel Or Some Other Place.

4.Nice Rails Included.

5.ITS VERY ACCURATE!More Than The AK-47 Spen. And The M733.Maybe Not The Strongest.But Theres Upgrades.You Might Think; "Oh It Has A Tiny Battery.DAVID WHY DO YOU WANT ME TO BUY THIS LAME GUN WITH A 220 ROUND HI-CAP MAGAZINE!YOU A MEANIE DAVID!"
Now You Right And Wrong.
Wrong:You Can Put A Bigger Battery.BUT I SUGGEST You Keep A 8.4v Battery So You Wont Strip The Gears.
Right:It Is Only 220 Round Hi-Cap.But You Wont Need That Much If You FREAKEN AIM!

6.NICE MAGAZINE!It Has 2 Little Knobs On Both Sides That Will, Clip On To Other Magazine's.

Very Sexy Gun Nice And Silky.

LOL.(Laugh Out Loud)


1:Um...Give Me A Bit To Think Of One.Its A Bit Expensive?Took Me Bout A Year To Save Money.Theres Not Alot Of External Upgrades.But It Should Not Hold You Back.
1 20mm Rail On side
Another On The Bottom.
So You Got Some Options.

2:Cant Realy Upgrade It Pass 350F.P.S.(Feet Per Seconds).Well You Could But I Dont Recomend It.Because Your Gonna Have A SLOWER R.O.F.(Rate Of Fire).Or Get A 9.6v Battery.But Then Well Your Gears Will Strip After AWhile So That Why I Dont Recomend It.But You Could If You Want.

[email protected]
Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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