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JG M4 S-System Airsoft Gun (Enhanced Version/TAN)
[02344 / F6613TAN]
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by G. DE LA CUEVA Date Added: Tuesday 20 November, 2007
For: JG M4 S-System Airsoft Gun (Enhanced Version/TAN)
this is the best gun ever, I've upgraded my gearbox with bushings, spring guide, pdi190 spring, air seal, cylinder body and change my stock batt to a 9.6v with the help of a hacksaw to cut off the barrel. It went about 440-460fps. The motor is strong and reliable, the only problem I had was the selector, bcoz the body was plastic.

Now i'm planning to reach 500 fps by changing the cylinder body, 2400mah batteries with the help of a crane stock, sp130 spring, m16 6.03mm tight barrel with the help os a barrel extension.
by B. RICHARDSON verified buyer Date Added: Friday 16 November, 2007
verified buyer
For: JG M4 S-System Airsoft Gun (Enhanced Version/TAN)
i just got this gun in last night and i was just shooting it and it is AWESOME
i haven't had it in a battle yet but i will this Sunday
the small things that i have negative to say about this gun is that i have a mad bull halo suppressor and if u have one u know how it goes on
but it wont screw on all the way like it did on my m4a1
the flash hider is the same
the paint might be too thick on the flash hider because it gets stuck on the flash hider
i had to put the but of the stock on the ground a pulled up as hard as i could
then it finally came free

the other thing that i trouble with was the battery
u have to get it in just as they say in the manual
it took me about 10 - 15 mins to get it in the first time
but after u see how u got it in the first time u wont have a prob getting it back in

but those are the only things i found wrong with it so far
when i opened the package it has a quality report
on it said that they put it through a chrono it and it hits at 338
its not bad because the rate of fire replaces that

and some say the but stock is different than the heat shield but mine it the same color

its a great gun GET ONE!!!!
by T. MERRIOTT verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 11 November, 2007
verified buyer
For: JG M4 S-System Airsoft Gun (Enhanced Version/TAN)
This gun is great, it has full metal rails and a number of other metal parts inculding stock tube, flash hider, barrel, charging handle, trigger and the filp up sights are all metal, the gun has a great rate of fire on mine arround 825-950 rounds per minute and shot around 351 fps out of the box. i adjusted the hop up on mine so i could get more range out of it and the most i could get out of it and still be accurate was around 150 feet. there are a couple of things i hate about this gun, like the battery compartment, it's a pain to put in the battery you have to move the battery around a lot to find the correct position for it to be in before you can close the foregrip. and then when on my gun when i try to close the dust cover after pulling on the charging handle i have to put a considerable amount of presure on the dust cover when closing it so it will stay close. so overall the gun is great it has no woble even with a plastic body, if you want a video review check on youtube in a month or two under heavymetalfan2 for the producer i should have made the review by then.
by B. EHRICH verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 18 October, 2007
verified buyer
For: JG M4 S-System Airsoft Gun (Enhanced Version/TAN)
awesome gun. deffinantly a steal for the price. i know peeps that have wasted more money on guns and have been less satisfied. ive put a x12 scope a box mag and a bipod on it all at the same time, looks badass. gets kinda heavy. i prefer the hi-caps, they weigh less.

First things first

+great fps
+good bb placement and consistancy
+mega kewl look (that might just be me though)
+definantly a great gun for only $140.
+ALOT of mod rails

-alittle front heavy
-i took it out and it was scratched in a few places when i took it outa the box. idk what that was from but it didnt affect the proformance.
-DONT TRUST THE SLING!!!!! u skrew the sling adapter on near the front and i wouldent trust it if i was u...

Kinda random stuff.

when i first shot it i noticed that the bbs were vering off to the left. i have no clue what thats all about, if its like that in every gun or if its just mine. i adjusted the rear sight and its nbd now. if its like that for one that your u have and ur buying a sight or red dot, make sure that its adjustable. hop up is good. nothing to worry about there.

oh yea...if your buying mags also, make sure that they are compatable with the gun. dont just buy one and slap it in there. it might slip out. if the mag u but is compatable it will fit like a glove.
by S. SNIPER Date Added: Thursday 04 October, 2007
For: JG M4 S-System Airsoft Gun (Enhanced Version/TAN)
this version of the M4 is very nice.
the iron sites are a big plus because of the view range they provide. (the rear sight has two positions) very heavy gun, about 6 1/2 pnds. the range good and so is the punch this gun provides. you can easily take out two or three people with semi at 35+ yards (roughly) and further with the hop. the hop-up is easy to get to. very nice.
the only downsides i would like to point out to all you people who are in love with the M4 are:
-this weapon is front heavy. not too much of a downside but is not a plus.
-the stock is constructed of plastic so a hard fall would most likely break it. (though you can replace it with something more heavy duty.)
-the tan. now i did own this gun and field test it myself. the tan is a big downside. if you get this i STRONGLY recomend a new paint-job. i got this gun for small B.Y.B.s and night games but with the tan paint it greatly hurt my chances of hiding and taking my targets by suprise.
other than all of that it is a solid gun. the R.I.S. mounts are very nice and offer good mounting options. although i would not recomend mounting a grenade launcher because of the plastic housing the battery. (the front tan aeria)
for these reasons i can only give it 4 stars.
by R. KRAMER verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 05 September, 2007
verified buyer
For: JG M4 S-System Airsoft Gun (Enhanced Version/TAN)
The gun looks awesome with the tan fore grip and stock. it shoots at about 360-370fps with the hop up properly adjusted. It increased to 380-390fps when I added a DB custom 6.01mm tight bore in it. It never jams and always fires correctly.

the problem i have with this gun is that one of the dog ears that is used to hold the upper and lower receiver together was broken. the broken piece was not even in the gun, it was just missing. I haven't heard of this happening before so it could just be a rare flaw. I am going to get a hurricane adapter set and a new metal body for this so that it lasts a long time. I also don't like the sling connector for the fore grip. It screws into one of the picatinny rails and can easily strip the threads in the aluminum rails. I suggest getting either a ring that connects to the rail or barrel.

all of the flaws can be fixed as this is a very versatile. for a gun that costs 140 and shoots way above TM stock standard, this is a great deal. This goes real nice with a box of star midcaps.

oh yeah and the muzzle is threaded for counter clockwise to screw on, just so you know if you want a suppressor for it. (lefty tighty right loosy)
by T. WRIGHT Date Added: Tuesday 21 August, 2007
For: JG M4 S-System Airsoft Gun (Enhanced Version/TAN)
me again its been about 3 months with my m4 and it still fires like i just polled it out of the box i have been in about 3-6 battle with it and have taken out the entire team almost every time. this gun is a combo of assault and sniper, put my friends scope and bipod on it and it looked awesome. this gun is probably the best gun u can get for this price.
by S. MESTAS verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 01 August, 2007
verified buyer
For: JG M4 S-System Airsoft Gun (Enhanced Version/TAN)
Wonderful gun, looks much more better then the picture. Great amount of metal parts, magazine is alright, surprising stock FPS. The only bad thing is that you may have a hard time getting some other 8.4v batteries to fit into the provided area.
by T. MAK verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 01 August, 2007
verified buyer
For: JG M4 S-System Airsoft Gun (Enhanced Version/TAN)
I hear ya J.SHMO. My gun also has scratches and defects. the gun doesn't look like anyting the pisture looks lke. The tan parts are much draker than they look. When i took out my clip, there were scratches all over it. The battery space is unbeleivable. there is no space for the batery and wires. Me and my friend spent forever stuffing the battery in there. But atleast it shoots good. I shoot one shot and it made my friend bleed. So other than that the guns isn't as good as it looks. I reccemmend gettin' da black one instead.
by J. SHMO Date Added: Tuesday 31 July, 2007
For: JG M4 S-System Airsoft Gun (Enhanced Version/TAN)
This gun has amazing accuracy and power, chronos at 410. The gun I received in the mail was a total rip off, It had scratches and defects all over it. But since it was delivered here I decided to let it slip. But the worst of it all is that my guns battery compartment was wired wrong (the manual showed it differently) and made it impossible to connect the battery and still have enough space to close the compartment.....so I had to move some stuff around to fix it, which wasn't to fun. If that wasn't enough, my front sight wasn't even lined up with the barrel properly making this gun hard to aim with. (the gun is very accurate, it always shot in the same spot, the only problem is that you would have to adjust for the sight error)

The only problems that I had with my M4 S-System itself (not all the defects I received) is that the gun also is very front heavy.......I recommend that you by a strap to lug it around. The stock on the back is also made of very crappy plastic, its also wobbly and doesn't match the color of tan barrel in the front. And that one of the screws that opens up the battery case is sort of stuck so I have to pry it out with something. Other than that the gun is amazing. I understand that my gun was a defect and not all of them are, making this gun very good in theory. I am still trying to get a replacement.
Displaying 51 to 60 (of 65 reviews) Result Pages: [<< Prev]  ... 6  7  [Next >>] 
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