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CM028 AK47 AEG Airsoft Gun
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by A. HIBBARD verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 20 July, 2010
verified buyer
For: CM028 AK47 AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Just received the gun today. It's amazing. With .2 BBs it's very accurate and the BB usually goes straight until it drops with the G&G BBs I used. The butt plate was super hard to get off and I struggled with it for 2 hours before I finally found the trick to it. I put my right thumb over the top of the plate, then pushed my right thumb with my left thumb. My heart almost jumped out after I heard it finally pop off. The magazine seems to be good. I only took it outside and shot a few rounds to make sure it worked. I had no misfeeds. But this is a Chinese gun so there is no telling what will happen with yours.
The gun also comes with a ni-cd battery....So you're gonna need a discharger. I bought the Hitech IC smart charger and that works fine with it.

This gun beats all my friend's AEGs. It's better than I thought it would be. If you don't already a battery, and a smart charger than this is the gun for you. But if you already have those, you should get the G&G combat machine M4 because it's made by an American company. But this is the best Chinese gun ever. Buy it now you won't regret it.

Accurate, good velocity, metal barrel pieces, metal magazine, looks great

SUPER DUPER MEGA HARD to get the butt plate off. The battery compartment is kinda tight. Ni-cd battery. Kinda heavy.
by S. THORNTON Date Added: Thursday 22 July, 2010
For: CM028 AK47 AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
got my gun yesterday, fells more solid than you would think, looks better in real life too. the fake wood is very realistic.

great fps
great aesthetics
allot of metal component
not wobble
light weight

i really cant complain about much the only thing that is even slightly off, is the hop up. a little tricky at first but it works fine
by T. NINESLING Date Added: Tuesday 13 July, 2010
For: CM028 AK47 AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I just received this gun the other day. I took it out to shoot and it was amazing. The FPS on it is around 380-390 with .2 g bbs, so it was reaching about 250-300 ft away. The ROF is is quite good not the fastest but you can fix that by purchasing a 9.6 volt battery which will up the ROF and the FPS. The build quality of the gun is very good it is almost completley made out of metal. The plastic parts are the fake wood furniture (which in real life looks surprisingly real) and the lower receiver. The metal parts are the complete outer barrel assembely, the rear sight, the upper receiver (some people say that it is hard to get back on once taken off but i had no problem with it). both sling mounts, 600 rd high-cap magazine, trigger, trigger gaurd, magazine release, selector switch, bolt,and the butt plate. The gearbox in this gun is a version 3 full metal gearbox which is completely upgradeable. The gun is very realistic looking and feeling (I have shot an ak before) the weight is the same as the real thing but this gun is 2 inches shorter then the real thing (which doesnt bother me) DO NOT USE THE SLING THAT IS INCLUDED WITH THE GUN. I tested it out on my m14 which is way heavier and it snapped right away. I haven't taken the gun out for a skirmish yet but I think it will do well. For the price this gun is unbeatable. This is probaly the best TM ak clone out there, in some circumstances it is better. I recomend this gun for all levels of airsofters.

High FPS
Mostly metal
Fake wood looks surprisingly real
Good range
High magazine capacity
decent ROF

Hop-up is not the best
bad sling
need a better battery
by L. RYDER verified buyer Date Added: Friday 30 April, 2010
verified buyer
For: CM028 AK47 AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I just got this gun yesterday and I am quite pleased. The body of the gun is made of durable plastic and the whole outer barrel including the gas tube is metal, as is the selector swich, top cover, magazine, mag release, trigger guard, trigger, dummy cleaning rod, butt plate and the sling mounts. The battery is of surprisingly good quality. The gun came with a test slip that stated it was chronoead at around 400 fps, and it passed Airsoft GI's quality control. The rate of fire is amazing, and so is the accuracy. Using the coke can test, the weapon shot a hole through the bottom of the can and both sides of the side. Therefore I can conclude that this gun shoots 380-405 fps out of the box. I also tested the range and it shot 100+ feet without hop up.

A lot of metal parts
synthetic wood looks realistic
body is durable
magazine does not wobble
380-405 fps is awesome
hop up is decent
accurate (gotta love those AK sights!)
the gun shakes realistically when fired
ROF is great for an 8.4 volt battery.
600 round hi cap metal mag
bolt is realistic and cool to have

top cover wobbles slightly
you must adjust both sights to match the hop up
butt plate is hard to get off, but i sprayed some lube on it so now it's fine
paint on the plastic body scratches off pretty easily
only 48 hour warenty
sling is pretty bad, but I still use it.
bolt wobbles
bbs exploded when my gun was in transit, but i heard they were of bad quality anyway
by P. CIACCIA verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 09 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: CM028 AK47 AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I bought this gun for a all night campout and at first the auto didnt work but i broke it in and it was the best gun ever. i cut a guys head open with it it shoots 400 fps and iron sight doesnt work to well. i reccomend this gun to new airsofters.

light weight
great fps
amazing accuracy
very powerful
long lasting battery
great firing rate

auto needs time to break in
bbs fall out when mag is taken out
mag is very hard to take out
by K. SHIEL verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 05 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: CM028 AK47 AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I got this gun a month or two ago and it still fires very well. I had a bit of a problem with the battery connection, and the glass tube in one of the wires (I don't remember what its called), but I tweeked it a bit and it worked fine. All in all, you can't find a better deal on an airsoft gun. For 100 bucks, this gun is awsome.

Looks good
Not too heavy, not too light
Decent ROF
Hurts a lot
High FPS
Iron sights are pretty good

Not incredibly accurate
Mag is shaky (not really a problem though)
But stock is hard to take off (to get to the battary)
No Mounts
by G. BLACKWOOD verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 06 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: CM028 AK47 AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Awesome gun at a great price! Out of the box, ASGI gave me that paper slip telling me that it shot 380 FPS. That's pretty decent, however, it's settled down. My range has decreased about 15-20 feet with 24,000 shots through it. I haven't measured, but I'll say it shot 180 ft out of the box. I think the range is decreasing because of the spring becoming less tense, and the facts that the hop up isn't the best. But remember, the parts aren't all the best because it's a budget AEG. I've bored out the stock and changed the undersized battery connectors to Tamiya clips and put in my own 7.2 volt 2 amp NiCD. (The stock battery was a 1.2 amp 8.4 volt niCD.) The stock battery got very relatively after warm after shooting a thousand rounds through it, so you will want to get a bigger battery with a greater C rating. Also, get a better hop up bucking, metal spring guide with ball bearings, better piston with ported piston head, a better air nozzle, and give it a good shim job. Shimming it will increase ROF, and give the motor and battery an easier job so you canshoot longer. Get some ball bearings for the gearbox too...

Although the list of upgrades will go on and on, that's not because it's a bad gun. Hell, this gun is great! A TM's or CA's list will be just as big.

Great gearbox, full metal except for tappet plate
Only plastic parts on gun are fake wood, lower reciever, orange tip (duh)
Get full stock version, not folding stock. The metal cover on top of full stock version gives you room for more ammo, snacks, ect.
Cheap, so if you take apart the gun and royally screw it up, it's not too much of a biggie
For price, yoou can't beat it.

Battery and wiring is undersized. It gets warm after shooting about 1000 rounds through it.
Plastics furniture is a bit creaky (it makes creaking sounds when you handle the gun) but no big deal, you don't notice it while playing
Mag has plastic internals, only metal shell
Mag doesn't shoot last 30 rounds no matter how much you wind it, they just sit there

Get this gun, you won't be disappointed. I've upgraded the wiring to 16 AWG, put in a relay to take the load off of the switch (it's a pain in the arse to open the gearbox and clean the contacts). A MOSFET would be ideal, but a relay will do. It's irresistable for me to keep taking this apart to mod it.
by R. AARON Date Added: Thursday 04 March, 2010
For: CM028 AK47 AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Overall this gun is amazing. If you are new to airsofting, buy it. If you aren't, buy it anyway. If you put a rail and a red dot on it it is a great assault rifle/sniper rifle/support weapon. Throw a bipod and scope on it with .28 or heavier bb's and you'll have a sniper. You probably won't even need another mag for it even for support. If you are going to spray with it buy a mini type 9.6 volt and a drum mag ( $70 ) because extra mags aren't practical.

Easy to mod
Super well made
Good gearbox ( version 3 )
Really long barrel
The sling isn't too bad on the smallest setting
Good feel to it
Versatile ( Field/CQB or Sniper/Support/Rifle )

Mag that comes with it sucks ( the bottom slips off eventually )
So does the battery
by D. ANDREWS verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 23 January, 2010
verified buyer
For: CM028 AK47 AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This is a great gun for anyone. i bought this gun because i go to alot of OPS and alot of the time i am on the opfor and it looks dumb when u have a stag m4. the build quality is really nice and the wight is basicly the same as a real ak 47 with out a loaded clip.


the sling it came with sucks.
shipping.(my friend ordered a jg m16 a day after me and he got it a day before me.)
i cant be mad at UPS becasue i work for them and my pay check was wat bought this gun.
by S. ZAVGORODNI verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 05 December, 2009
verified buyer
For: CM028 AK47 AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Ok, so I've owned this gun for a good month, so I think I can write a first impression
This gun is the first gun that I've bought, and it is a good gun at that, still use it.
Out of the box, this gun is awesome, shooting 400 fps and an ok rof.
For the first few days, the single fire action was jamming, but it seems to work itself out.
Hop up is ok
Rof is subpar, but was excpected
Fps is pretty insane, would recommend you buy heavier bbs than 0.2
High cap fits in well.
Good beginner gun
Works well on 9.6
At first, the batterry is hard to put in, but you eventually figure it out.
The fake wood looks real, have people asking whether it is real.
Unfortunatly, it is atleast 2 inches longer the real ak-47, knowing from personal expirience
Overall, not bad.
Stock battery is too big for an 8.4 (XBAWKS HUEG)

400 fps
fake wood looks real
Its a quality product from a once unquality manufacturer.

Mostly plastic
The slide is a bitch to put back on after you take it off.
The butt plate is hard to take off.
Stock battery is basically a giant 8.2.
Almost no atachments for it, but its an ak, this is to be excpected.
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