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APS UAR Urban Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun (Dark Earth)
[12149 / APS AEG UAR DE]
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by P. GREENHALGH Date Added: Saturday 15 March, 2014
For: APS UAR Urban Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun (Dark Earth)
Product Information:
The first time I shot this rifle, it was bad. It feed badly and jammed constantly. Then it broke. I decided that I wasn't just going to kick myself in the ass about it so I took it to my local field's Pro Shop. What was wrong was the teeth on the gears had broken. I had taken the rifle apart but didn't go into the gearbox because it was my first airsoft gun. The guys at the shop put in some Lancer Tactical steel gears. Once I got it back, IT WAS A BEAST!!!!!!!! So the short version is, put steel gears in the gun before you shoot it and you will be very satisfied.

For the actual gun, everything is awesome. The weight is perfect and the style unique.

- Amazing accuracy
- Reliable (with the steel gears of course)
- Color is slightly darker than in the picture which makes it cooler :)
- Comes with 2 mags
- Epic bolt release

- doesn't come with a battery
That's it :)
by T. MATTHIS Date Added: Thursday 06 February, 2014
For: APS UAR Urban Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun (Dark Earth)
Product Information:
When I first bought this gun. I was stoked. It had a great rate of fire and FPS was also great. I love te fact that it had a quick change spring so you could either go from a lower FPS to a higher FPS. When I put the M120 spring that it included it shot very well. But after a few days of using that spring my gun stopped firing and all I heard was the motor running.

It was well over a month an my warranty ran out. So I decided to figure out what was wrong. When I looked in the gear box. I found that the piston was plastic and the gears had ripped the threading and wasn't catching the piston.

It's an easy fix don't get me wrong but I was deeply sad I paid over $200.00

Other than this minor inconvenience it's a great rifle!

Looks amazing
Great for Close Quarters
Included M120 Spring
Quick change spring
Easy to disassemble

Piston is made of plastic. Tends to not be the best thing to use when the metal parts rip into it.

Battery compartment is tight. Only one kind of battery

No fixed sights.

Not the best accuracy. It's a hit or miss.
by N. FREEMAN verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 02 February, 2014
verified buyer
For: APS UAR Urban Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun (Dark Earth)
Product Information:
I recently bought this gun to use while i saved up for a high quality gun and for its very unique design. But i have to say am very pleasantly surprised with this gun. I was expecting to use this until i get money for a new gun then sell this gun but I have to say this is a gun I will be keeping. This gun is so much better than the price, even if it was priced at 300USD I would still very happy with it. It even comes full of very useful features that just sweeten the deal. So overall I am very satisfied with this gun and at the dirt cheap price of 205 USD I would recommend this gun for players new and old looking for a unique gun to add to their arsenal.

-Perfect for cqb wile still having the range to play field
-Rate of fire is good but not crazy
-extra features (QD sig mount, Field power spring, Quick change spring, ect)
- Comes with tight-bore barrel pre-installed
-Trigger response is very good

-Battery space is incredibly small
-Trigger pull is very long (not that big of a deal)
-Mag compatibility (can be fixed just Google it)
-No sights (minor complaint)
by I. FEULMER verified buyer Date Added: Monday 27 January, 2014
verified buyer
For: APS UAR Urban Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun (Dark Earth)
Product Information:
This is a great mid-line gun for an intermediate player. I bought this gun after looking over reviews and watching review videos. It's a great gun with a simple 8.4v stick battery, the fact that it has a quick release spring guide and an extra spring is a huge bonus! It's fully ambidextrous and easy to take apart. Again, i would recommend this gun to anyone!

Extra spring
two mags
V3 gearbox, fully upgradeable
Bullpup design
Rail space
QD sling mount

Battery space is a little tight
Some mags will need minor modifications to feed right
bottom rail was just a little too short for my Magpul AFG2 (still fits, just overhangs a bit)
by R. BERGSTROM Date Added: Thursday 23 January, 2014
For: APS UAR Urban Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun (Dark Earth)
Product Information:
Well to start off, I received this gun in a mystery box last year (I'm going to say around July) right out of the box the gun was broken. every time i would shoot the gun it would jam. I ended up sending the gun back to be repaired. from all of the reviews that i have seen on YouTube, and everyone that i play airsoft with speak highly about the gun. So I just figured after the gun was fixed i would keep it instead of selling it. when i got the gun back it was still broken. although it does last longer with out jamming, it still jams at least four times during one mag. i am not happy with my purchase. and to add to this they sent me one of my mags back BROKEN. so i payed $20 to send it back to have the gun not even get fixed and a broken mag.

I would recommendthis gun. i do like it when it works. But my experience with it was less then favorable.... it was basically a waste of $200 I am not happy with my purchase.

Great rate of fire
comes with two springs
comes with two mags
the body is very durable

The gun is a hit or miss.
jams almost non-stop
the gun does not come with sights
the mags only hold 125 each
very picky with the type of mags it takes
by E. HUNT Date Added: Monday 01 July, 2013
For: APS UAR Urban Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun (Dark Earth)
Product Information:
I believe this gun is amazing the gearbox sounds amazing and it's has an amazing fire rate with a 8.4v stick type. Yes the battery space is a little tight but a 8.4v or a li-po could easily fix that. The magwell is a bit iffy though, the only mags that really feed well are the ones that come with it. Besides that the gun shoots really straight and is amazing and is perfect for cqb.

-Nice fire rate
-rail space
-great gearbox
-Spring loaded mag release
-Completely ambidextrous (which is good for me cuz I'm a left handed)
-comes with 2 mags and 2 springs

-kinda small battery compartment
-not many mags are compatible with it
-the check guard can come off easy sometimes
by D. VAIL verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 13 April, 2013
verified buyer
For: APS UAR Urban Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun (Dark Earth)
Product Information:
So I just bought this rifle a few weeks ago and have put it through its first full day game. I am very impressed with what you get in such a small package.

First off the one I got was a lemon. The selector plate was not set properly and thus would not engage in full auto, only semi. I sent it back to Airsoft G.I. and they fixed it wonderfully (thank you!). Now that it is back I have enjoyed the crap out of it.

Diss-assembly - The videos out there say that the flash hider just screws right off without any tools at all. That is a lie. I had to get a wrench after the thing just to make it turn a little. However once you get it off the first time it is easy from then on. After the flash hider comes off the rest of the gun comes apart very quickly including the whole gear box. It is the easiest gun to take apart and put back together I have ever dealt with. This rifle is very easily customizable!

Body - The body is, as you probably know, all plastic except for the buttons. However, the rifle's internals are pretty tightly packed and the plastic material is very sturdy so the rifle is more than able to withstand typical field abuse. Other than maybe scratching the outside I do not believe the rifle would be harmed by being dropped on concrete from chest high. All three magazine release buttons work wonderfully and come in very handy. The rail space is more than enough for any attachments, however, the rifle has no iron sights. I currently am using a mock EO tech and a magpul angled forgrip on mine. I am not sure if this is due to mine having to be fixed or not but the selector switch is stiffer than any other rifle I have used.

Magazines - Here is the biggest drawback of this rifle. If you like using all hi-caps then no worries but if you like using mid or low caps well... You have some work. This rifle will accept all hi-caps but for mid or low caps you must cut a small length off of each magazine's feeding nozzle rib (not sure what or if it is named). There is a video from the Airsoft Doctor on how to do this but you can just use the hi-caps that come with the gun as a reference. Just make sure you cut off less than you think you need to otherwise the magazines will not seat in the rifle well and they WILL NOT FIRE. Aside from this, I am using king arms M4 mid-cap mags and they work great.

Internals - I have not broken down the gearbox as of yet but the internals are very well made and most all of them are metal. I have not had any trouble with the interchangeable spring and it is indeed very easy to change. I have been using the higher FPS spring for games so far. The barrel is a 6.04 mm barrel and performs great in the field. Currently I am using an 8.4v 1600MaH Intellect battery with 0.20g BBs and the rifle has just as much or more range than a friend of mine with an Echo 1 ER25 and a 9.6v 3600MaH battery with 0.20g BBs. No complaints here. The trigger is kind of an odd shape and your finger can slide off while firing if you don't have a good seat but other than that it is a smooth, easy trigger pull all the way back. The hop-up is also very easy to access and adjust.

Overall impression - the magazine issue is by far the worst problem of this rifle. Why APS didn't think of this during design I will never know. Other than that though the rifle looks great, feels great, functions great, and performs great. I look forward to seeing more of these on the field!

-Easy diss-assembly
-Easy quick change spring
-Long range

-Magazines, magazines, magazines
-Stiff selector switch
-Difficult first removal of flash hider
by S. KOETH verified buyer Date Added: Monday 27 May, 2013
verified buyer
For: APS UAR Urban Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun (Dark Earth)
Product Information:
So I bought this gun based on all the positive user reviews I watched on youtube, there is alot of hate for this gun when it comes to high end players who spend 500+ on all their guns, and something about that was fishy to me because all the users vids I saw spoke relatively highly of it. So I said screw it, its only 205 (160 after discount) and a few mags for it.

By far the best bull pump rifle I have ever shot, I have a CA AUG, I have shot the ares tar 21, and many FAMAS, and all felt quirky, and off. The UAR feels solid and great all around, the poly plastic body is high grade material, and feels great to shoulder, every thing feels just right with its layout, save the selector switch, more on that later.

To start, HOLY CRAP this thing hits hard (415-430 fps)with its extra spring that's included, it shoots far and accurate and in auto its spread is decent ( about a 4-5 inch grouping ) which is fantastic when you look at the price, second the gun just looks so cool, I cant tell you how many events I go to that I constantly and get asked about it, and really gives you a uniqueness not found on the field often, I get remarks that are mostly positive. Its futuristic yet grounded look make it look like its a gun that could actually exists in our modern age. The guns has no sights on it, but it has 4 tactical rail systems that run underneath on the sides and along top rail, all are plenty sturdy and the top is just begging for a Holo sight, or other futuristic optic. Which brings me to another point, everything looks sexy on this gun, anything period, hell my friend but a vertical grip on its side rail and added a drum mag and it looked like a saw out of Killzone. The internals are all metal, and well made, all greased up and put together well. you may want to open yours up though first to make sure its all there because these manufactures can make horrible mistakes sometimes, and not put it together right I had a similar experience with a TM I bought from red wolf, but this gun had no such issues, just a precaution.

But like all good things there is a down side to this great gun, the mag well for starters is extremely picky, meaning unless you want to do some extremely minor modifications to the mag well, you will need to buy certain mags, I bought D-boy mags, and they work like a charm, no miss feeding, no falling out of the mag well, they fit solid, and are in there good. not to mention all affordable them self's. My next complaint isn't really a complaint more like a pet peeve, the barrel is really hard to get off and will require patience and careful execution to take off. Now there where a lot of people saying that this guns plastic guard over the stock comes off with ease and is annoying, I don't know if I got a newer version of this gun, but 3 months in, and I have no such issues, in fact, I haven't had any of the issues some mention. My last complaint is the battery space it has, or there lack off. it takes a stick type battery and its a tight fit for that too, so no large type battery can be used by default BUT it is worth mentioning that if you have a battery box laying around, the wiring can easily be coxed through the faux vent holes to connect to a external RIS system, so there's that. lastly the selector switch is awkward and can be hard to switch to semi as its layout is not like standard,as auto is the second setting and semi at the top verses the mid, again this is preference.

All and all, don't listen to all the big shots out there calling this gun another cheap gun, yes its affordable, and yes it has its flaws, but its pros are so good, and its flaws are soo petty and few that it doesn't bring it down, bottom line, if your looking for a new look, and want a 200 or under priced gun, you cant beat this. And those who say other wise are more then welcome to be shot by it on the field, because I can tell you one thing, they always call out with this thing in full auto, always ;P

Hit's HARD with the extra spring and reasonable with the weaker spring, (your range is 350-360 low spring, and 414-430 high spring)
Unique look, and bad-assery
fully costumisible with almost all accessory
solid, great body, with great weight distribution
affordable, more then worth the asking price
accurate at a distance

long trigger pull
battery compartment kinda small (again fixed with a battery box or lipo)
mag well is a bit picky (remember to buy D-boy mid caps)
awkward selector switch
no sights included
by J. URBAN verified buyer Date Added: Monday 03 June, 2013
verified buyer
For: APS UAR Urban Assault Rifle Airsoft Gun (Dark Earth)
Product Information:
It is a bullpup with a great ROF and lots of rail space. It comes with a mock suppresor that looks awesome on other guns.

I regret my decision to buy this gun, please avoid it

Long barrel
High ROF
Awesome looking
Working bolt catch

SERIOUS feeding issues
cheek rest comes apart and you WILL lose it if not careful
seems all over the place
small battery space
Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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