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JG M4A1 Basic AEG Airsoft Gun
[02108 / AE-5860-T]
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by F. FARGNOLI verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 27 June, 2007
verified buyer
For: JG M4A1 Basic AEG Airsoft Gun
whoooooo baby, just got my gun today. chrono was 380s. my stepdad works at colt and he is around the real M4s all day and he said that you couldent tell the difference between the guns. the front grip is a bit wobbley but it aint no biggy just tape it up or get a ris. suck it up! this gun is the way to go if you seen those expensive Classic army or TM and u aint got the bread. no what im sayin?6 position stock working charging handle and forward assist.metal barrel. great feel. i had doubts when i saw it but man, theres nothing to be afraid of.not the best ROF but it packs a punch.

Hey Airsoft Gi, great idea about the summer give away your gonna make loads of green! whoo, keep up the good biz
by L. KANE Date Added: Sunday 10 June, 2007
For: JG M4A1 Basic AEG Airsoft Gun
as i said before, this gun kicks butt. if you suck or are okay at airsoft, then get this gun and your skill will improve. also this gun is not just for beginner or intermiediate people. i upgraded mine to 400FPS and ive been playing airsoft fo over four years and had over fifteen guns. so this gun is for all type of players including pros.

Peace out!!
by L. KANE Date Added: Sunday 10 June, 2007
For: JG M4A1 Basic AEG Airsoft Gun
I love this gun. this is a better gun than the echo 1 but to tell you the truth there a bout the same. my gun of this i upgraded to 400 FPS and so far since i got it in May it has kicked butt! my skill originally was probably around a five. but now that i have this gun my skill has rose to and eleven! buy this gun and you'll not be disapointed. trust me. if you don't by this gun please look at the echo1 G36c or any other G36 types. those are excellent too!!! (I am signed in as my parents user account, but this is there son speaking)

Peace out
by L. UTTKE Date Added: Thursday 24 May, 2007
For: JG M4A1 Basic AEG Airsoft Gun
Best Mpeg out there for intermediate to beginner players.
This gun shoots very straight right outta the box without even adjusting the hopup.
On a full charge it shoots very fast.
best 130+w/bbs ive ever spent on airsoft@
by R. CASWELL Date Added: Sunday 13 May, 2007
For: JG M4A1 Basic AEG Airsoft Gun
I have had this gun for 2 months now and have used it every sunday since i got it the fps stock is great and the accuracy and range are awesome for a lower costing gun it performs well in the field.Ok the good high rof, fps,accuracy,and range the bad atleast with my gun misfires on semi-auto likes to shoot 2 bb's at one time the stock is loose where it connects to the gun and the front end has to be tightened after every sunday because it comes loose during use it does work well with aftermarket parts though which is a bonus i've already added a RIS system on it carry handle scope and a nice barrel extension/silencer on mine also had a tight bore barrel installed and after have this gear box checked out at my local airsoft shop was told the gear box will handle the m120 spring i plan to put in it over all a great buy keeps up nicely with the tm's ca's and such and most people that see it in action or have been shot by it will not talk trash on it
by T. CARLONE Date Added: Friday 04 May, 2007
For: JG M4A1 Basic AEG Airsoft Gun
I love this gun, it's a bang for your buck. Like the previous reviewer, I found no BB loader in my box either which was a slight annoyance but other than that this package is great. It's also pretty heavy, I'm very happy. Thanks ASGI :D
by M. SOMMER Date Added: Sunday 29 April, 2007
For: JG M4A1 Basic AEG Airsoft Gun
As far as I can tell, go with the JG. This gun is $30 cheaper and works just fine. So far I haven't run into any problems with the gun, and it is functioning very smoothly. Only thing that annyoed me with the gun so far is that it didn't come with a bb loader for the clips, but thats ok, as they are very cheep. The gun is very sturdy, JG or Echo1, don't think you can go wrong.
by S. KIM verified buyer Date Added: Monday 09 April, 2007
verified buyer
For: JG M4A1 Basic AEG Airsoft Gun
The first attribute of this gun that first struck me was its weight. It feels like it was carved out of a block of lead (and I am not some weak-wristed ten-year old). Now although some of the body is plastic, it feels sturdy enough to chop a tree down with it. The only weak spot is the foregrip. The forgrip itself is fine but when attached it wiggles a little, though not enough to raise concern. According to the AirsoftGI test this gun shoots at 370 fps stock. This is a bit higher then the manufacturer's number of 350, but that is fine. Because of the high fps, I recommend you use .23 bbs. After I adjusted the hop-up it placed a target about 50 feet away and let fly a burst. The bbs were grouped nicely around the middle, so it is quite accurate. One bad thing about the firing was that on semi-auto the bbs misfed quite often and then would spit out several bbs at once, although auto was perfectly fine. ROF was also good to. It feels like it will last a long time treated properly.

Pros-FPS, solidly built, ROF, accurate, cheap, no misfeeds on auto, easy hop-up adjustment.
Cons-little bit loose foregrip, misfeeds on semi-auto.
by S. RILEY Date Added: Sunday 25 March, 2007
For: JG M4A1 Basic AEG Airsoft Gun
Ok I was looking for a low end gun so that I could play on local CQB fields with the 350fps standard. I saw this and the Echo 1 and loved the price of Both after speaking with the employees I decided on this model both on availability and pricing. I had them make the R.I.S. mods to it in house and after chrono with a 8.4v 1100mah battery its was still shooting at an amazing 375 took it to my home field with friends and it worked like a champ. for an Out of Box gun I am amazed at its quality and functionality
by B. YSIT Date Added: Friday 23 March, 2007
For: JG M4A1 Basic AEG Airsoft Gun
awsome gun .... nicely priced too....great rof , and nice fps ....i dont have a crono , but this thing really hits hard ....
Displaying 81 to 90 (of 90 reviews) Result Pages: [<< Prev]  ... 6  7  8  9 
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