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Elite Force H&K Full Metal MP5A5 RIS AEG Airsoft Gun (by G&G)
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by B. NAFT Date Added: Tuesday 25 March, 2014
For: Elite Force H&K Full Metal MP5A5 RIS AEG Airsoft Gun (by G&G)
Product Information:
I think that this is one of the best guns i have ever gotten. It look so amazing and has many options for upgrades. It shoots incredibly well and the blowback looks great and feels great. I can't express how much i love this gun and i recommend it for all levels. Its a GREAT price compared to other sites and anybody who loves airsoft as much as i do should get this gun or even if you are just starting out.

Metal with a little plastic
perfect weight
good feel
great rate of fire
great blowback
great accuracy
comes with a metal high cap mag
perfect for all levels of airsoft
just all around AWESOME

The only true con i can think of is that it doesn't come with a battery or charger and that is it. This gun is amazing and has just that one flaw.
by H. HUHNKE Date Added: Friday 31 January, 2014
For: Elite Force H&K Full Metal MP5A5 RIS AEG Airsoft Gun (by G&G)
Product Information:
I purchased this gun in september and have been loving it ever since I got it. This gun comes with a gun, magazine and with fully licensed H&K trades. This gun has incredible accuracy even though it has such a small barrel. With elite force .25 grams and an adjusted hop up this gun can shoot over 150 feet! This gun is great for cqb and field play and you will stand out from all the m4 and Ak-47 users!

325 fps with .25
H&K trade marks
retractible stock
function charging handle
great range and accuracy
easy to take apart with two body pins
1000 rounds a minute

I believe the only con to this gun is the lack in battery space. If you buy a 9.6 num-chuck battery make sure you have extreme persistence because of how hard it is to put in the battery. I would highly suggest a custom lipo or something of that sort because it is so difficult to put in the battery!
by S. LUI Date Added: Sunday 20 October, 2013
For: Elite Force H&K Full Metal MP5A5 RIS AEG Airsoft Gun (by G&G)
Product Information:
I got this gun when it was on a shocker deal. G&G has done a great job of replicating the mp5a5. The build quality on this is amazing.

Build quality
Good balance of metal and polymer
Comes with QD flashider
Comes with detatchable top rail
Trigger response

Battery is very hard to put in
Corner of the rails are very sharp
by B. GADDIS Date Added: Thursday 17 October, 2013
For: Elite Force H&K Full Metal MP5A5 RIS AEG Airsoft Gun (by G&G)
Product Information:
I am really impressed with this MP5. The weight and feel are everything I was hoping for when I finally committed to buying a CQB. I was happily surprised to find that the stock is rock-solid when extended even to it's maximum reach. The polymer lower assmbly, as on the "real" H&K, feels solid and sturdy. After installing a Magpul shorty vertical foregrip to the rail on the handguard, I noticed a small amount of play caused by the barrel shroud/battery compartment that it's attached to being secured a little loosely. The wobble is minimal though, and not a cause for much concern. I understand that most shooters probably wouldn't bother putting a VFG on an MP5 anyway. Just a personal preference.
Speaking of the battery compartment, much has been written in blogs and reviews about the small space available. I found that seating a battery (I've had good luck with the 9.6v, 1600 mAh NiMH nunchuck-style) can be a bit tricky, but once you get the basic idea (batteries to the sides of the handguard, wiring in the middle) it's really not that bad. I can replace batteries in about a minute now that I understand the concept.
The biggest letdown was the supposedly quick-detach flash hider. After numerous attempts, I could not get it to fit over the orange-painted small barrel and 3-lug adaptor without not only damaging the paint but also causing significant worry that I may damage some metal parts. The close tolerances pre-paint cause it to be nigh-impossible to install the flash-hider with the heavy orange paint (I'm guessing that's why it didn't come pre-installed in the box). To circumvent this problem, I simply stripped all of the paint on the barrel tip and 3 lugs down to bare metal. Now, both the flash hider and my new, ultra-sexy, Gemtech Raptor II suppressor fit perfectly, with no wobble.
Overall, I'd highly recommend this gun not only for CQB, but also for a light and compact field weapon capable of accurate shots at both short and medium distances. I've skirmished with it 3 times now, and it has quickly become one of my two favorite guns.

*Solid build quality and feel
*Surprising accuracy for such a short barrel
*Nice H&K trademarks and markings
*The MP5 slap!
*Compact size for CQB

*Orange paint on barrel tip and 3-lug adaptor prevents proper installation of orange-tipped flash hider
*Handguard not rock-solid, causing rail-attached equipment to wobble slightly
*Somewhat tricky battery installation
by A. YUGAR Date Added: Tuesday 15 October, 2013
For: Elite Force H&K Full Metal MP5A5 RIS AEG Airsoft Gun (by G&G)
Product Information:
This gun is great! Externally, the G&G mp5s are some of the best. The upper and stock are made out of a nice steal, the lower is of a very nice polymer, and the frontal assembly (gas tube, gas block, and barrel) are made of aluminum. The charging handle, is however, a non oxidized metal which broke on me about 3 weeks after getting it. the safety also stopped locking the trigger back. now I can just pull the trigger back on safe, and it jumps to semi. Internally, I was very impressed. I open my guns after every 15000 BBs for maintenance, and I can't be leave how nice the internals are. 30000+ BBs, and no wear or tear to speak of. It came with a metal ported piston head, which was a big plus, and ball bearing on the spring guide, although the spring guide is plastic. the only things I have changed on this gun is the motor (replaced with a G&P M120 motor), a new cnc air nozzle, and a madbull 6.03 tightbore. I would also recommend getting a PEQ box, because there is very little battery space in the hand guard.

_Feels real
_Looks real
_Very nice internals for the price (metal piston head, low res wiring)
_dead accurate for the barrel length
_blowback is kinda cool, and does't interfere with the gearbox
_alright ROF
_shoots about 340 fps, which is perfect for cqb
_easily comes apart to work on
_can very easily be used in woodland games as well as cqb

_Charging handle broke
_Safety is useless
_not the highest ROF stock
_very little battery space
_metal ring on the flash hider is glued on very tight, and I gave up on trying to get it off.
by B. KORNMILLER verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 12 February, 2013
verified buyer
For: Elite Force H&K Full Metal MP5A5 RIS AEG Airsoft Gun (by G&G)
Product Information:
The gun has H&K trades, which could be nice if it didnít have Umarex plastered all over the right side of the body, on the lower and in Bright White text on the upper receiver. At least on the lower they painted the text in a dull gray so itís not as painfully obvious, itís just poor form and displeasing to the eyes. The metal muzzle has a thread cap, unfortunately Umarex/G&G use some sort of welding glue to keep their muzzle breaks/muzzle devices from coming off because I had to have someone literally dremel the thread saver off, defeating the whole purpose of it. The gas block/end cap below the front site comes loose from use so be careful and watch out, you may want to lock tight it.

The body is nice enough, the finish is a nice black, not too glossy not too flat, the fake bolt can be fully pulled to the rear and gives a nice clack/bang when you HK slap it, the fake bolt and recoil system are nice enough, but eh it does not add any recoil, just some metal clanging while firing. The plastic MAG midcaps fit snug but with a little bit of play which is fine, the highcap that came with it however broke after about 2 uses, one of the counter-weights flew off while I was winding it, speaks of the quality for sure. With a 7.1 lipo the gun shoots pretty well, and snaps well on semi as far as trigger response. The selector switch is very positive on both the left and right sides, though thereís one spot in between safe and semi where the selector will not meet the detent so you have to make sure itís properly positioned before trying to fire. The stock has barely any wobble in the fully extended position and slides in and out with a bit of friction but might be because of how tight it was made. The tri-railed grip is just uncomfortable to use, even taking off the rails the grip just feels off, so I switched it off with a G&P lightened foregrip, though because the G&G MP5 isnít TM spec I had to make some modifications to the grip, but fits like a charm now. Iím not a fan of the J model type slither stock but it cups the shoulder a bit better and has a nice rubber buttpad which gives it a bit of grip.

Overall for my only and first CQB gun Iíd say itís a nice buy provided the metal can stand up to any punishment, since from what I understand G&G tends to make their metal bodies out of Magnesium. If you can get past the glairing faults with the thread saver welded and the ugly and offensive Umarex paragraphs on the side of the AEG youíll probably enjoy this gun, Iíve had it for a year now and so far I enjoy it.

Nice finish
Trades are alright mostly
The gun functions well
The selector switch is very positive
The fake bolt and charging handle seem to be well made
Fits non-G&G mags just fine, feeds well
The stock is firm and apparently well made

Umarex paragraphs all over the right side of the gun are just awful, I feel they could have done a much better job at either using a darker type of paint or putting the license garbage somewhere else.
The thread saver is almost permanently affixed to the muzzle end defeating the purpose of having threads.
G&Gís choice of foregrip is not what I could call comfortable to hold even with out the rails and the battery space is rather pathetic for its size.
The end cap for the gas system seems to come loose just by using the gun.
by R. WILSON Date Added: Saturday 23 February, 2013
For: Elite Force H&K Full Metal MP5A5 RIS AEG Airsoft Gun (by G&G)
Product Information:
If you're a fan of the mp5, you HAVE to purchase this gun. I received it from my mystery box of desire on Christmas and its shot perfect without any problems since. I love this gun. Couldn't have asked for a better mp5.

Well built.
Solid, compact gun.
VERY high rate of fire.
Very small grouping of bb's (accuracy).
Solid Fps range, around 345 on mine.

Battery space is limited so I'd recommend a 9.6 butterfly. Fits well when you find the right spot.
Hand guard seems a little wobbley but only when you stick attatchments on it.
by N. HANSEN verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 28 March, 2013
verified buyer
For: Elite Force H&K Full Metal MP5A5 RIS AEG Airsoft Gun (by G&G)
Product Information:
Really great gun and a great buy. My use for it though is as a secondary since i usually run gas. But never had a problem with it so far

Good Accuracy
Easy to adjust hopup
carries nicely when needing to haul it around.
good rate of fire
excellent gun to have for primary or even a secondary

mag eject push button is hard to reach, better to just use the release infront of the trigger guard
doesnt click on the way up for fire mode selector
on auto, the mode switch can jam into your hand uncomfortably
though these are more cosmetics anyways...
by J. MOUA verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 25 April, 2013
verified buyer
For: Elite Force H&K Full Metal MP5A5 RIS AEG Airsoft Gun (by G&G)
Product Information:
Awesome gun...If u like close quarters battle, this gun is for you. I brought this gun to a field battle and still dominated, I had to get a little closer due to the low fps but the accuracy totally made up for it.Everything on this gun is sturdy and strong, no lose parts like my past guns. I got a 30 dollar free gift purchase with this gun and I got myself a laser along with this gun. This gun was worth every penny.

Adjustable stock to 4 different length
Automatic mode is killer fast
Love the electric blow-back.
The accuracy is dead-on
Very easy to maneuver with

The battery is a pain in the butt to install
Dont know if the 3 plate nunchuck lipo battery fits
by C. SVOBODA verified buyer Date Added: Monday 28 January, 2013
verified buyer
For: Elite Force H&K Full Metal MP5A5 RIS AEG Airsoft Gun (by G&G)
Product Information:
This gun is AMAZING! I highly recommend this for any CQB or even Field play. It is very compact and well built. The accuracy and fire rate are highly impressive. If you are looking for a MP5, then look no further. You will be satisfied

Retractable stock with 4 positions
Rail system
Very accurate
Solid build

A little heavy but not to the point to where I wouldn't buy it.
Mag holds 200 rounds
No charger or battery(I recommend getting a 9.6V NiMH 1600mAh Butterfly Mini Battery from Amazon)
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