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(Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 R5 Airsoft Gun (M16-A4 RIS)
[02951 / EGR-016-R5]
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by L. GRAY Date Added: Sunday 23 November, 2008
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 R5 Airsoft Gun (M16-A4 RIS)
Product Information:
Ok, I got this gun in July of '08, I've probably fired around 6,000 to 8,000 rounds since I bought it. I recently took it to an event in Columbus, OH and had a chance to chrono it. After the spring was worn in, I expected the ROF to drop to around 360-380 FPS.

After chrono, I found this rifle STILL fired not only well above and beyond the expected from G&G but above the event cap limit. This beast was crankin 434.0 FPS with a pt. 2 round. I had to use my UTG M3S, (also a great buy).

This rifle is hands down the most durable airsoft gun I've ever seen as far as the internals go.
This rifle is FULL metal, it is solid as a rock and I couldn't be happier with it
This rifle has rail mounts all over it, making this rifle very versatile
This rifle looks BADASS with a shorty M16 mag

This rifle uses a small battery
This rifle is loud
This rifle is mean. Your friends will HATE you and this rifle
This rifle is heavy
This rifle's magazine doesnt fit well, get Echo 1 shorty mags
This rifle will not pass chrono at some events
by G. FOREMAN Date Added: Sunday 01 June, 2008
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 R5 Airsoft Gun (M16-A4 RIS)
This is a very sturdy gun, overall i am very satisfied. There are no major cons to it. The one thing i disliked was the sound it makes when you shoot it. (You can hear the spring) I just wanted to give a heads up to anyone that buys it...the upper receiver is not metal, but a kind of sturdy plastic. Every other part is metal (except stock) Very very fast ROF, very accurate. The tip is neon orange so if you are really in to realism you can get a new flash hider. It does come with a tightbore standard but i suggest getting a smaller one like 6.02 or 6.01. really good gun...good price...great deal.
by C. BERGER Date Added: Thursday 01 May, 2008
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 R5 Airsoft Gun (M16-A4 RIS)
Judging by the serial number, I think I was one of the first to get this gun from GI. They sent it to me in an order SNAFU awhile before it was on the site, and had excellent customer service. (my airsoft guns will always come from GI, & so should yours). It has stood the test of combat, and I can guarantee you, this gun will not let you down if you treat it like you should. I highly recommend it.

-When they warn you about the charging handle, they aren't kidding. It pulled out the first day I had it.
-Extremely stiff & hard to field strip.
-factory FPS could be better.

- Accurate as far out as you'd want with an AEG
- Excellent stock internals, metal gearbox, 6.04mm barrel
- All metal with a nice finish; looks & feels very real
- Full RIS & scope rail
- Excellent ROF, no gear noise (=cool sound)
- Capacity for a large battery
by B. HOBBS verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 20 April, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) G&G Full Metal GR-16 R5 Airsoft Gun (M16-A4 RIS)
This gun is crazy awesome!
Enough said...definately recommended!
Accuracy is great. I can hit a 4" diameter target from about 70'.

One thing...ASGI does not mention this... it DOES come with the vertical grip.
Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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