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Echo 1 Full Metal M28 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK)
[07404 / ECHO SNIPER M28 (JP-56)]
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by J. LOC Date Added: Wednesday 26 December, 2012
For: Echo 1 Full Metal M28 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK)
Product Information:
This gun is hefty, not for everyone. it is not too heavy to carry but it is too heavy to carry all day. so the bipod that comes with will definitely come in handy. the textured stock on this gun might interest some but to me it just feels like a coating lead based paint. the gun does not come with a scope. the orange tip is just a plastic ring glued to end of the barrel. i don't recommend taking it off but it will probably crack or wear off. the fluted barrel is nice. the pull of the bolt isn't as hard as you'd think. you wont be cycling the bolt with nothing but your palm or fingertips but its not hard.

overall good rifle
definitely get what you pay for and then some

bolt pull is more of a burden then a challenge
the textured stock could feel weird to some
the orange tip seems cheap
by C. KEY Date Added: Sunday 27 January, 2013
For: Echo 1 Full Metal M28 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK)
Product Information:
This is a very good gun with few cons and many pros. I have shot it and it is very accurate and shoots hard(510 fps). The only problems I have is the bolt is pretty stiff and the bb will roll out of the barrel if you have it at an angle. Overall, it is a great gun and I highly recommend it.

shoots fast
durable gets job done
comes with bipod and two mags

bb will roll out of barrel if at an angle(could just be mine)
stiiff bolt(could be me,I'm only 10)
Other than that its a pretty good gun
by N. DUBUC verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 10 January, 2013
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 Full Metal M28 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK)
Product Information:
I bought this gun sat Dec 29th I am writting this on Th january 10. My gun arrived today and I have shot ten mags I hip fired five and shot the rest from aming down my sights. The gun game with a bipod that sucks luckly I had a bipod that was able to fit on my gun. The front swing swivle that have to screw in is not that hard just make sure when you bush the front end of the gun into the stock until you hear click then screw the sling mount you do need to use it though.. The gun also comes with 2 plastic mags, a really bad bipod some screws and the gun it self. The safty is very crisp and the trigger is too. I would recamend this gun to a friend.

2 mags
Crisp safty
Nice bolt
Fits in stock nice and snug
Bolt is easy to pull
Nice feal
Adjustable butt stock is very nice
Can adjust butt stock easily
Crisp trigger

Crapy bipod
Crapy bipod attachment thingy don't really no what it is called
by K. MEEK verified buyer Date Added: Monday 14 January, 2013
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 Full Metal M28 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK)
Product Information:
great gun lots of fun to shoot wont break feels durable ive had if for 7 months now id suggest getting a precision inner barrel and some .43 bbs

looks awesome
comes with two mags
comes with a decent bipod

not as accurate as youd expect
plastic mags
ive heard complaints of jams but ive shot well over 5000 bbs out of it and never had it jam
by L. PFOST verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 03 May, 2011
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 Full Metal M28 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK)
Product Information:
Wow this gun is amazing, I haven't had it chronographed yet but it must have an fps around and higher than 500. Some people are complaining about how tough it is to pull the bolt but after having played with the A&K SVD Dragunov this feels like nothing, its very smooth but requires a firm hand. the only thing that bugs me is how it does not have a smooth return after you pull it back, apparently the GI Trigger box fixes that problem and makes it easier to pull back. Now to its accuracy and range. The range is phenomenal I can shoot my friend from over 50 yards(150 ft) and it still hurts a lot, more than being shot with a 300 fps handgun from close range. You definitely need two things however, 1, a good scope, a lot of people say the nc star 3x9 scope is good, and 2, high quality bbs that are .30 or heavier. The bipod, butt extension, and fluted barrel are accessories that Echo 1 basically gave you for free, and they are all great quality add-ons that will make your gun unique. The first thing I noticed was how solid the gun was when it was put together, absolutely no shaking except for the butt extension, sling mount, and bipod. One thing people said was that it mis-feeds, I haven't had this problem yet, even though the clips are cheapy, because I followed the review someone below posted on how to fix the problem. The gun is slightly heavy but it feels good.

High fps 500+
long range 150-200 ft
accurate, easily hit a penny from 80 feet with a scope
great price
Great for begging and veteran snipers
easily upgradable
realistic and great feel to it
and i forgot it came with a threaded barrel adapter thing and has the internal barrel supports

small rail but enough to mount a scope
trigger is a bit touchy and doesn't take much effort to pull, I guess that's a plus and minus
a bit wider than you would expect especially the barrel
All of these cons took a while to come up with and I'm very picky so definitely worth the money and more I would recommend this gun to anyone looking for a sniper
by U. WILSON verified buyer Date Added: Friday 18 March, 2011
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 Full Metal M28 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK)
Product Information:
Definitely worth the money for a spring gun. Shoots hard, and has no problem with torso sized targets out to 66 yards with .40s. Hit fence posts consistently at 33 yards. You may luck out and hit at 100 yards, but very difficult. If you see a tightly packed group that far out, I'd take the shot if you understand the drop.

I would suggest this as solid budget sniper rifle.

(Skill Level: 0.5 MOA shooter with .308 WIN @ 200 yards.)

Good speed and accuracy for the $$$.
Quite accurate with .40s.
Feels durable and sturdy.
Surfaces take enamel paint well.

Mine shipped without rail, GI sent me one.
Hard to get hop-up just right.
Bi-pod awful. (Waste of weight for airsoft anyway.)
by A. CHURCH verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 27 January, 2011
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 Full Metal M28 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK)
Product Information:
This is the official review of the Echo1 M28 airsoft sniper rifle by Project echelon airsoft...Airsoft in Tooele County,Utah USA

Recently I purchased the echo1 M28 sniper rifle from airsoftgi. The echo 1 airsoft rifle is a copy of the classic army M24, although with a few major improvements.
First off, the rifle chronos around 520FPs which right around where Echo1 said it would. The rifle comes in a flat black finish with a fluted barrel. The rifle comes packaged with a bipod, 2 spare magazines, and a cleaning rod. The finish on the rifle is not too bad. It has a nice flat black finish, with the stock having a kind of smooth/rough texture. The stock is extend-able for length of pull, which is a plus as it aids in user comfort. How ever, the pull on the bolt to chamber the BB is not for the faint of heart...it is a very hard pull, how ever this is because of the high power spring inside of the rifle. Internal wise, the inner barrel is evenly spaced, and fits nice and aligned . The only thing that I did not like in the rifle over all, is the plastic piston and spring guide. In the future, I hope echo1 releases a piston upgrade kit for the rifle.

Realistic feel, and length
Finish is good
High powered
2 magazines
adjustable length of pull
Comes with a bipod
Good to go out of box

The piston and spring guide is a small thing that can be upgraded later, and overall doesnot effect the quality or skirmish ability of the rifle.

Plastic piston
Plastic spring guide
Magazines miss feed
by M. TUCKER verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 23 December, 2010
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 Full Metal M28 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK)
Product Information:
ECHO 1 M28 Airsoft Sniper Rifle
The Echo 1 M28, is hands down one of the most robust Airsoft rifles i own. Combine its sturdy construction with reliable accuracy and performance and you have an effective sniping platform.
I purchased this rifle specifically because it is the Airsoft cousin of my Remington 700 SPS in .308 caliber http://www.remington.com/products/firearms/centerfire/model--
Besides the differences in ballistics performance, the build of the Echo 1 M28 is comparable to its real steel counterpart, given the fact that this is actually an Airsoft gun, and not a high powered rifle.
After getting the rifle, and assembling it, i ran into the same issues that most people in the Airsoft community have had, that being the feeding of the weapon. The problem stems from one simple feature.
The first design flaw with the M28 is the presence of two forward sling mounts. Ideally these are meant to be used to mount a Bi-pod on one, and a sling on the other, but this particular weapon does not have the proper spacing between the two studs to fit even a bi-pod, therefore the user has to remove one of the two mounts. I initially removed the mount closest to the muzzle, and mounted my bipod. The problem with feeding stems from this configuration.

Since the forward mount of the M28 mounts the outer barrel with the stock by clamping it to the stock frame, removing it allows the barrel to have a more realistic free float behavior. The magazine however, seats itself in the stock and if the Barrel itself is not closely married with the stock (i.e. the barrel being in a free float config.), then the feed catch on the magazine will not open, and the weapon fails to feed. SOLUTION: Simply mount the forward stud, and torque down the barrel to the stock in order for the magazine and feed trigger to meet. This will require you to remove the rear stud and nut from the stock.
After solving the feed issue, i moved directly to test firing and zeroing in the 4x scope i selected. Using .2 gram BB's proved difficult to zero, since the variable crosswinds affected the .2's trajectory. During a calm moment, we found the .2's to accurately fly with HOP UP to about 135-150 feet. Using the mil-dots on the scope we found that you could hit a target about 180 feet max, given a calm wind setting.
The .43 gram BB's from Madbulll turned the M28 into an entirely different weapon. Once the HOP UP was properly tweaked, we could but rounds down range in excess of 200 ft, with consistent accuracy. The performance with .43's in the M28 6.03mm barrel enabled us to consistently hit a torso sized target at 180 to 200 ft, in relatively turbulent wind conditions.
The HOP UP unit has a click increment adjustment, which after proper marking and calibration allows for the quick interchanging of .2's to .43's without losing the Scopes zero. I currently have it calibrated to switch between the two.
For its first game, I carried the M28, in all its heftiness for about 1 to 2 hours of play, scoring to kills including one head shot (sorry Matt) with .43's at about 90 feet away. I was aiming center mass, but the HOP UP pulled the BB up to his face. The way he spun around looked like a kill shot from a movie through the scope....Anyways, it performed marvelously in the snowy cold weather, with no feeding issues and plenty of game time to prove its well deserved status as a solid and reliable sniper rifle out of the box.
After the game, I completely disassembled the M28 into its main components and noticed an adjustable Sear and Trigger Weight mechanism built into the trigger group housing, almost identical to the R700's sear. So if you want to tweak the trigger pull on your weapon, then that option is available.

To Sum up:

Outstanding Accuracy
Reliable Cycling (With feeding issues resolved)
Smooth Bolt Action
Solid and Robust Stock and Receiver Interface
Fully Adjustable Trigger
Consistent HOP UP Settings
Psychological Presence on the Field of Battle
Heavy Weight

Out of the box Feeding issues (Discussed above, A SOLUTION GIVEN)
Low Quality Bi-Pod
Low Quality Magazines (ECHO 1, you could do better)
Design Flaw in forward mounting studs (Too close of spacing to allow a Harris Bi-Pod to mount)
Flimsy safety Selector
Superfluous Hinged Floor Plate (Opens unexpectedly during game play)

In truth, this is my first Airsoft Sniper Rifle. I have been shopping around for sometime, but have been hesitant to take the plunge due to the inherent accuracy and performance issues associated with Airsoft sniping. It seemed that in order to find a highly accurate, powerful and solid rifle, it required lots of $$$. I bought this weapon on faith and confidence in the ECHO 1 reputation, having already bought several AEG's from their company. The ECHO 1 M28 is a purchase I am glad that I made, and would strongly recommend to anyone who is searching for a reasonably priced Airsoft Sniper Rifle that performs beyond its expectations.

Thank you for your time.


- Mr. Tucker (Virginia)
by J. MOORE verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 16 December, 2010
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 Full Metal M28 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK)
Product Information:
This gun is amazing. I just got in today and right away I threw my new scope on it and went to testing! I tested first the FPS with .30s and got around 500FPS! I then tested the accuracy! Once the scope was zeroed in and I was hitting constant targets, I began to try different distances! At 50 feet it hit in the 1inch or less spread. At 100 feet it hit in a 1inch or right at the border. At about a 150 feet it was hitting within a 5 inch spread or less. I have to say that this gun is very sturdy, very strong and very accurate! It is by far a GREAT BUY! Thanks Airsoft GI and ECHO1 for hooking us up with this really kool gun! The only thing I found wrong with this gun was that the mag tends to not load a bb unless you push in on it while cocking! Other than that, great gun!


Mag misfeeds sometimes!
by M. VAN BROECK Date Added: Monday 20 December, 2010
For: Echo 1 Full Metal M28 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (BLK)
Product Information:
This sniper rifle is hawt !!! Ive seen allot of revieuw o forums and youtube, and this is probably the best out of the box sniper rifle on the market, migh compete with the g700 from airosft gi but the price difference is about 100$, so if you are not willing to spend all that money you should take this one, In my opinion =D. Only problem is that airosft gi doesn't ship to europe ='( ='( ='( ='( ='(. Sad face =s.

But it still is an awensome rifle with allot of good things and has blown the javelin m24 out of competition! And i still have one question for you all, i have no idea what scope i would need if i still would buy this gun and manage to get it to belgium. I was thinking about the nc star suick release scope. ( not the tactical one). If someone has any ideas please mail me at = [email protected]
Thank you !

- Great fps out of the box
-Comes with everything you need beside bb's and a scope
-value for money !
-can upgrade but no need to

- They don't ship the dam thing to Europe -.-
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