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Echo 1 Full Metal M28 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
[07404 / ECHO SNIPER M28 V2 BLK (JP-56)]
$175.00 $148.75
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by S. SCHICK Date Added: Tuesday 05 November, 2013
For: Echo 1 Full Metal M28 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is my current primary rifle for airsofting, and it has been for the last 4 years. I have fired over 1000 rounds through it, and have become very accustomed to its quirks and abilities. The gun out of the box fires a beautiful 500+ FPS, is pre-installed with barrel spacers to increase accuracy and comes with a bipod and adjustable rear stock, putting it ahead of VSR-10s by a long shot. Some argue this eliminates the ability to customize the weapon, because the Echo 1 M28 doesn't come with very many options for modification. I disagree. I have installed a precision barrel, steel sear set, reinforced piston and guide and a SP190 spring. Many of these products, the piston, spring guide and spring, are not intended for the M28 but for the VSR-10, because this gun is compatible with many VSR-10 parts. Another aspect I love about the M28 is its absolute endurance, this gun has been through everything, water, mud, drops from 3 story buildings, and it has survived like a pro. For a new airsofter joining the community or for a veteran of the game, this gun offers options for you.

- Out-of-the-box perfection, with 500+ FPS, a fluted and spaced barrel, durable polymer stock, with bi-pod and stock adjustments.
- customizable with a wide range of parts, whether they are specified for the gun itself or are functional with other, similar models
- outrageous durability, has survived every test I've put it to yet
- easy to take apart

- Internal parts like the plastic piston have to eventually be replaced, the piston and sear set will wear away with time and can cause slam firing.
- Not the lightest gun in the world
- the bi pod which comes with the gun is subject to its own problems, and is not 100% reliable.
- lacks specific modification parts, like pistons, which must then be bought for a different model and then occasionally jury-rigged to function inside of the M28.
by G. VOGEL Date Added: Thursday 24 October, 2013
For: Echo 1 Full Metal M28 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I have had this gun for two years, at first it performed averagely, only accepting bbs into the chamber when I pushed the magazine up while pulling the bolt back, but it worked well otherwise and was quite easy to dial the scope in ( I use and NC Star 3-9x40). As soon as It hit 2 months old it worked perfectly, for 8 months of light use, then it began slam firing. at first it was only once or twice a week then it started happening every time i used it and now I only get one good shot for every 10 times I tried to fire it. It would not be such a problem if it didn't only accept 45 degree sears, kind of hard to find.

Great, reliable accuracy
Easy to sight in
Great FPS

Hard bolt pull
Takes a while to break in
SLAM FIRES!!!!!!!!!!(too powerful spring for stock internals)
by B. SPENCER verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 17 July, 2013
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 Full Metal M28 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I bought this gun a year ago, and i have to say i've been extremely disappointed with it. In my experience it is wildly inaccurate and the hop-up is utterly nonfunctional with fps well below 350. That being said I expect that this is a defect with the gun i received, however it has been seen by two different air-soft stores on multiple occasions and hasn't been fixed to date.

Good Solid Body
Solid Scope Mount
Nice Adjustable Butt Stock
I like the Dimpled Body Texture

Low Accuracy
BB's drop from barrel if pointing below horizontal
pointless receiver on the underside that tends to pop open (I taped it down)
Horrible Magazines that come with the gun. However I believe echo 1 is now producing metal versions that I believe would be better.
Orange tip came disconnected from the gun
by J. MERKEL verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 09 December, 2012
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 Full Metal M28 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I got this gun and let me say i was super shocked when i got it. it was super cool. the barrel was amazing and the stock was awesome feeling. it wasn't packaged that well. when i got it all the parts were all over the original box. no lie i shot it 3 times and it already slammed fired. so i went on you tube and echo 1 tech support made a video and they said alot of time slam firing could be from lose parts in the trigger box area. so right under the trigger that opening where the trigger guard goes down there was a screw and itt was super lose. i have no idea why but it was. so i tightened it and it worked. i used it all day at the airsoft war. i was shooting 475 with .28 bbs. this gun is awesome. since it dosent come with a scope, i bought the Airsoft gi 3-9x40 scope. i HIGHLY recconmend this scope. it zooms it and its super clear. the lens are a little small and i think that's my only complaint but its $27 you cant go wrong.
i would recconmend this to anyone whos getting into sniping you wont be sorry or dissapointed, but it may slam fire but all bolt action snipers can slam fire.

Shoots hard 485 fps with .28 bbs
heavy(could also be a pro)
hop up is easy to adjust
included bi-pod is pretty good
the bolt is hard to pull back but you know how good the spring is
inculded rail
its mostly metal

heavy(also be a pro)
pretty sure the barrel adapter is glued on mine cant get off the orange tip :(
slammed fired like the 3rd time i shot it. just look for loose screws and allen screws it might work
plastic piston
by R. DEJEAN Date Added: Monday 10 December, 2012
For: Echo 1 Full Metal M28 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Just got done completing my echo 1 m28 sniper rifle it's the best thing I've ever put my money towards I just got the barrel extension for it I got a Bravo 3 * 9 * 40 scope on it with green and red infrared crosshairs For anybody that's going to spend the money for high quality sniper rifle I recommend an echo 1 M 28 sniper rifle for your first and I'm guaranteed that you're like it To echo 1 I thank you and good shopping to all and have a good Holiday.


by B. BRASSEAUX verified buyer Date Added: Friday 22 February, 2013
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 Full Metal M28 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is a great sniper rifle for beginners, its full metal, but it still only ways about eight pounds. The gun is really accurate once you get a scope put on an tuned up. And it is accurate at really long ranges. Also The Harris style bipod it comes with is great quality.

I had some trouble when I first got the gun though. It doesn't come fully assembled, so you have to put it together yourself, the screw didn't fit because of the paint and scraps on them, so I had to wipe it down and work it in with some WD40. Also to make it worse It didn't come with instructions of any kind, but i found everything I needed on Echo-1's website.

It had problems with BB's rolling out of the barrel after pulling back the bolt, but after looking on Echo-1's website it said that this will happen if the hop up is off, so you have to turn it on just a little. I followed the directions and now everything is great.

*Also for people that say the bolt is stiff, thats cause the spring is stiff, and thats were the high FPS comes from so that's a good thing. Anyways it loosens up after a while

Looks cool.
Great accuracy and consistency. BB's hit within six inches on a target from about 75 feet.
Accurate at long range.
Amazing fps for the price. around 520 fps
Good bipod.
Comes with two mags.
Gun is upgradable, which isn't necessary though cause its great.

Doesn't come with instructions. (Found some for this gun on Echo 1 website)
BB's roll out of the barrel when hop up is off, but its fine once you turn it on.
Screws did not fit, had to put grease and strip the paint before the got in.
Mags are cheap plastic. But they sell metal ones.
These aren't really things that make the gun bad, so it gets five stars.
by J. VALENTA verified buyer Date Added: Monday 04 March, 2013
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 Full Metal M28 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
In general, a great gun while you have it with a stress on "while". Right out of the box the gun shoots hard and is very accurate thanks to the upgraded spring echo 1 throws in there for you. The downside is that all the other parts in the bolt are plastic(spring guide, piston) and the trigger assembly(made of aluminum) is weak and cannot keep up with the stress of the spring for very long. The few times you play with this it'll work out fantastically, but i suggest if you would like to continue playing with it, upgrade the spring guide, piston, and trigger assembly. This has the potential to be a great gun with some upgrades.

-solid body
-powerful right out of the box
- very accurate

-cheap internals(parts won't last)
-trigger assembly
by R. PROULX Date Added: Thursday 14 March, 2013
For: Echo 1 Full Metal M28 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
everything right out of the box is great except the hop up chamber they cast the two halves so on most of these the pin holding the engagement lever isnt perfect on most so i causes shots to fly all over. after shimming and adding teflon tape to the pin it shoots perfect everytime for me. before my mods for the hop up id give it 3 stars after 5 stars. i was using tsd .28 bbs crappy i know but now that te hop ups fixed they still shoot good

Real weight
quiet (even more so if you put foam into the stocks cavities)
fluted barrel
barrel spacers
adjustable stock

no upgrades for cylinder parts unless you go to rangercustoms.com
faulty hop up parts (on some)
45 degree piston and bolt
spring is slightly to powerful for out of the box field play shoots a little hot
some parts from the vsr 10 and bar 10 work but not all
by M. ANNIS verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 29 May, 2013
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 Full Metal M28 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I got this gun over a year ago and have put around 4000 rounds through it and have not had any major problems. Paint scratches easily but who really cares. Stock wobbles a little but once again, who cares. Magazines however are more of a problem. The gun will not feed unless upward pressure is put onto the magazine. Screws tend to come loose a fair amount but a little lock-tight will fix that. Other than that this is a great gun. It shoots very hard and very accurate. It currently is shooting a 4'' grouping at 160' with madbull .43 grams. And that is completely stock. There is a slight lateral curve on the bb's, but it is consistant and controllable, most likely due to a minor hop-up issue. The bi-pod is a definite plus, it has served me well. Overall, I would recommend this gun to anyone looking for a entry level, upgradable sniper.

Shoots hard
Shoots accurate
Comes with a bi-pod
Comes with 2 magazines

Feeding issues
Loose screws
Cheap paint
Maybe a hop-up issue
by H. MURRAY verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 19 June, 2013
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 Full Metal M28 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is an overall amazing sniper rifle. I just received mine today and so far at has preformed really well. I was able to successfully sight in my sniper at 60 yards on a piece of paper. The man reason on why it can do this is because of the barrel spacers and the spring. I use .36 gram bbs and that's the lowest you should go in this rifle. The echo 1 m28 sniper rifle is an amazing budjet line sniper for any skill leavel player. It's an amazing rifle and I defiantly recommend this to any player.

- barrel spacers
- shoots at about 530 fps with .2 bbs (do not use them in this rifle)
- great range
- nice realistic weight
- comes with 2 mags
- really quiet

- the mags suck (I recommend buying new ones)
- bolt is hard to pull back for people with little arm strength
- light trigger pull out of the box (although it is adjustable)
-Does not come with scope
- replica real steal mag compartment comes open on accident a lot (not such a big deal though)
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