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A&K Full Metal M16-A4 SPR AEG Airsoft Gun
[03170 / IU-M16-NB]
$215.99 $183.59
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by D. HEKTOR verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 15 December, 2009
verified buyer
For: A&K Full Metal M16-A4 SPR AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
much better since the first day i got it, the hop up is worn in now and it works well, the range increased dramatically and the accuracy got a little better too, i still think i want to get a tightbore for it though since i want it to be sniper rifle.


-battery flops in stock(fery easy fix tho0
-not quite as accurate as i wanted, it is still relatively accurate out to about 120 feet then it deviates slightly ,not too much just a little more than i like, max range is probably about 200-250 feet
by A. PRATTE Date Added: Tuesday 19 January, 2010
For: A&K Full Metal M16-A4 SPR AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I bought this gun a few months back. The gun has not malfunctioned at all. It is extremely stout. The gun has fairly good accuracy and rate of fire. It is a tad bit bulky and hard to use in close quarters. I would definitely recommend this rifle.

plenty of sight rails
good looking

battery has a tendency to rattle in the hollow stock
front fore grip is a tad wiggly( barely worth mentioning)
by P. PALIN verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 13 December, 2009
verified buyer
For: A&K Full Metal M16-A4 SPR AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
this is a decently built gun by a&k mine came in at 450 fps with.2g its range is 150-18- feet w/.2g
its full metal except for the stock, the mag is little hard to put in but ull get use to it, comes with a 9.6v 1200 mah nimh battery,rof is decent for this gun i recomend getting a small to large battery connector and a 9.6v large 3800 mah battery, rof will be a little higher since the most aeg included batteries arnt the best you can get,

450 fps

mag insert
little loud but not that bad
by D. HEKTOR verified buyer Date Added: Monday 14 December, 2009
verified buyer
For: A&K Full Metal M16-A4 SPR AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
i got the gun today and shot about 4-5 hundred rounds through it so far, im not sure if im happy or not and i HAVENT shot it on a full battery yet, i will make another review once i have, the build of the gun is sweet but i'd say im gonna probably want a sling since it is pretty heavy, but it feels good. the entire gun is metal besides the stock and pistol grip. magazine wobbles a little but it wont ever be a problem. put a scope or an acog on this and it looks awesome, tons of rail space for laseres flashlights grenade launchers if u feel like a sniper style rifle needs one.as for performance, on a partially charged battery is wasnt blown away but it was decent, mine came shooting 430fps which is alot more than i expected since the ad says 350-360. all in all id say its a good buy especially when u get the deal that asgi gave me,($172 for everything)

FULL metal
looks awesome with or without scope of any sort
nice overall size
a few nice bonuses in the box

it is a little heavy, not sure if i will be able to notice this in a game or not tho.
not really anything else, but i'll make another review once i fully charge the battery and shoot for a while.
by M. WOODMAN verified buyer Date Added: Friday 04 December, 2009
verified buyer
For: A&K Full Metal M16-A4 SPR AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Just got it 2 days ago put a JBU tight boar and this is one bad mofo of a M16.Ive been playing airsoft for around 7 years and i would have to say this is probly one of my fav guns i own now. And now 4 other team members of mine are getting the same thing they like it so much.

Good build
Came shooting 430FPS Tested myself
Good weight im used to carrying a real one so its almost the same
Good ROF with the stock batt
And for the price you cant beat it.

The mag it came with sticks
and comes with a mini batt and the conector for mini so for those of you who want to put a large batt in it make sure you buy the plugs.
by D. MAXWELL Date Added: Tuesday 03 November, 2009
For: A&K Full Metal M16-A4 SPR AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
First off I want to start this off by saying wow! A&K have really outdone themselves with this gun! The gun is very well put together and has an amazing quality for the price. The gun even though it is all metal is very well balanced in terms of weight. The foregrip is not a cheap foregrip either because considering it is free it is a nice foregrip. The buttstock even is a very hard and nice plastic. I have played two games with my new gun now and am amazed at the accuracy and FPS. The only thing that I could find wrong with this gun is it came with a plastic orange flashhider. But come on we all know that flashhiders dont make that much of a difference and so all I did was took off the metal orange flashhider from my old gun and put it on this M16-A4. The metal gearbox is just another nice touch that A&K threw in and makes me feel alot more comfortable about the durability of my gun. Also I know that one of the other reviews talked about how the battery rattled around in the stock but it doesnt rattle around too bad and you want it to rattle around a little bit because that tells you that you can fit a bigger battery. I was a little nervous after reading some of the other reviews about this gun like I am sure you are but this gun is really worth the money!

-430-450 FPS
-90% metal (very durable)
-light weight for being an all metal gun
-looks almost just like the real gun
-people have no problem calling themselves out when they get hit with this gun because it hits so hard
-very well put together
-comes with a high-cap mag
-comes with a foregrip
-rail system is very easy to use

-plastic flashhider unlike in the picture (not a big deal though)
-my clip was broken when I got it but when I took it apart I found out that it was just a few BB's were jammed
by J. CASTLE verified buyer Date Added: Friday 04 September, 2009
verified buyer
For: A&K Full Metal M16-A4 SPR AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I purchased this rifle about a month ago and wanted to try it out before i wrote a review. First off i would like to thank AGI for their customer service. Their service was by far the best service i have ever encountered. For under $200 this is an amazing rifle! I pulled out of the box and it was shooting 430fps with .20 bbs. The rifle is 98% metal with steel spring guide metal bushings and metal gears and a full metal gear box. The only thing that is plastic is the grip and the stock. I know that other guys where complaining about the plastic..........what they dont realize is that a real M16 has a plastic stock, grip and hand guards. Trust me i know. I was in basic training in FT.Leonardwood MO. about 6months ago. So.....i wouldnt really complain too much. The only down side is that the mag is a little loose in the well and the battery flops around in the stock. This rifle is very durable and accuate. I was playing a skirmish the other day and was hitting players accross the pond. (about 200ft). I was leaving welts on players about 40yrds. So if your looking for a great rifle and dont want to spend awhole lot then this is the one for you.

High fps
Comes with 300rd mag and vertical grip
98% metal
Good rifle for the money

Mag is loose in well
Battery flops around in stock
Iron sights arent the greatest but dont really need them when you have a red dot:)
by A. DELANEY verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 06 August, 2009
verified buyer
For: A&K Full Metal M16-A4 SPR AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This is my first A&K gun, and im gonna give this one a big thumbs up! It is shooting 435fps with .20g bbs (no modifacations). The construction is of the gun is good quality, the outer barrel, RIS, and body are metal, the paint does scratch fairly easy but nothing a new paint-job can't fix. The flashider that came on the gun was blaze orange plastic and glued on so it was rather hard to get off. It also came with a orange painted metal flashider incase you break the plastic one trying to take it off (like i did... ooops). The mags I ordered were i little loose in the mag well but the one that came with it was a perfect fit. I've had no problems with any of the more "breakable" parts on the gun, such as the charging handle, iron sights, and dust cover. The rumor that made me a little iffy about buying this gun was that the RIS was extremely wobbly and there was no way to fix it. Im glad to say my RIS is fine, no wobble what-so-ever. If you're looking for a rifle with good range and accuracy for under $200 this gun is perfect.

Metal RIS, Body, and outer barrel
great accuracy and range
good for anti-sniper engagements
great bang for the buck!

Small type battery connector :(
Flashider was a pain to get off
no manual, then again most don't have one anyway
by R. MERCER verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 07 April, 2009
verified buyer
For: A&K Full Metal M16-A4 SPR AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I bought this gun a couple months ago to replace an upgrade JG M4 with a plastic body that managed to get between me and the ground. It arrived fairly promptly from ASGI, and I pulled it out of the box. The first few shots were fine with the stock BBs. I threw in the tightbore, and took a couple more shots. When I went to my team practice, the rounds were dropping after about 30ft., and the BBs were shooting everywhere.

When the gun was disasembled, we found that the hop-up nub had fallen out, and that the gun is so powerful, that one of the stock BBs had shattered and gotten stuck inside the tightbore. So be warned, the stock BBs are crap! Use PrecisionAirsoft BBs.

As for the internals, I dropped an M110 spring in. I found that the stock spring definately wasn't above an M110, so I probably got a bad spring to begin with. As for the internals, it seems fairly well made, I like the RIS and metal body, but the fore-grip is pretty weak, and I ended up taking it off anyways. What I found was that the body pins are incredibly tight inside the gun (remember that there are small hex screws that keep them from popping out), and it took about an hour with a punch and a hammer to get the small gearbox pin out of the gun. It's still sticking out by about 1/4", I'm not even going to try to force it back in. Also, the paint job isn't the best, and it's very easy to scrape off some of the paint.

All in all, it's not a CA, but it's also $160 less than a CA. It's a good gun for the money. The external is solid, and buying a metal body and RIS upgrade would cost $300 without the internals. The internals aren't great, but they can be upgraded pretty easily.

I'd recommend this for either a medium player's first metal body gun, or for an experienced player who wants to do his own upgrades and modifications in a very solid external.

Good price
Decent FPS
Good Quality Externals
Easily upgradable
Very tightly put together
Looks sweet

Maybe a little too tightly put together
Average Internals
Not the best paint-job in the world
Foregrip is really flimsy (it's free though, so whatever)
by J. MILLER verified buyer Date Added: Friday 27 February, 2009
verified buyer
For: A&K Full Metal M16-A4 SPR AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
450fps..... m130 spring so ROF with 9.6v 1100mah not as high as other 9.6v guns, as expected. Still higher than my friends with 8.4v battery's. Cannot believe its held up so good with the crazy spring/battery. plus i accidentally had the screw on the hand grip to tight so for 1000 rounds it sounded like a saw running out of batterys. still i hope it will hold up before i install systema torque gears and a polycarbon piston +piston head because i have to save up money. the flip up sight is ok but if you mess with it then it will break so i had to by a normal m16 iron sight. crappy threads!! I use a phone case so the 9.6 1600mah i bought for it temporarily does not wobble in the huge stock.. the dust cover fell off but whatever. greeeaaat gun. rail mount cost 60$ alone on airsoftgi. use .23s or .25bbs. looks so scary with new iron sight i almost pissed my pants.

high torque motor
gears hold up
externals are so solid if i beat it with a metal pole nothing would happen(alllllll metallll)!!!!!
grips it comes with are nice touch
flash hider comes off by screwing clockwise unlike my friends which are glued
accuracy just a level above all other
holds up fine in rain..

must upgrade do to spring and battery sooner than echo 1
no sling (no biggy)
must jam magazine in gun
flip up sight sucks
battery 9.6 1100mah small connector sucks

This gun is going to be the best!!!!!!!!!!!!! gun ever after I install those gears and piston.
one more thing its a 4.5 out of 5 because the first one i got didnt shoot and had to take back.
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