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A&K Full Metal SPR MOD0 AEG Airsoft Gun (Long Battery and Charger Package)
[03168 / AKAEGSPRL / IU-D2]
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by P. KOMITO verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 22 November, 2009
verified buyer
For: A&K Full Metal SPR MOD0 AEG Airsoft Gun (Long Battery and Charger Package)
Product Information:
I bought this for my friend awhile back, thought I might write a little review. The gun is made of metal, Standard Plastic parts such as the stock and pistol grip, but the are on the real thing so who cares. This this I have to say is loud, and I mean loud. The flip up sight are very nice, thou the rear sigh shakes a bit. Mags do wobble a bit in the mag well but most aeg's have that and my real AR-15 has that problem with one of my mags. Gun isnt to heavy. the included Vert grip is nice thou you need to get more RIS bars to put on the bottom scince me and my friend couldnt move the one RIS bar on the bottom back a bit cause it wouldnt fit, which dissapointed me and my friend abit. I love the barrel attachment. Couldnt get that POS plastic flash hider of so i smashed it of with a hammer.

Plenty of rail space
Includes Vert grip and barrel extension
Full metal
Great FPS but a slow ROF with 8.4v 4200mAh.....

Rear sight wobble abit
way to loud
by V. MANCINO Date Added: Wednesday 30 September, 2009
For: A&K Full Metal SPR MOD0 AEG Airsoft Gun (Long Battery and Charger Package)
Product Information:
I bought this gun about a year ago and it still works great. the internals still work awesome and its durable as hell. the sights kinda suck so to fix that just by a red dot or what ever you want i also bought an a&k box mag it was great it lasts for ever and u never need to reload. the stock mag goes quick.

this thing is one beast of a gun its accurate well over 150 and up to 200 ft. i put a leapers red/green dot 30mm scope on it and with enough work on the hop up it was accurate up to 200 ft.

it also has a huge intimidation factor especially with a box mag on it. it shoots well over 400fps and anyone you play will hit the ground when they hear it or see you from 50ft it will make your friends or who ever you play with bleed and beyond that they will think twice about leaving cover again.

the metal body is nice and extremely durable its lasted me over a year and only has a few scratches on it.

I would also suggest buying a new battery to increase the rof its a bit lower than i like

*durable as hell
*fps is amazing
*intimidation factor
*accuracy accuracy accuracy...
*battery compartment is huge
*heavy(for me that's good i like realism)
*looks amazing with any red dot scope or regular scope

*stock battery makes a lot of noise rattling around in the stock(buy a better battery)
*very long(only a problem if u use it for cqb which i recommend you don't it will make the other team bleed profusely)
*bottom rail doesn't go all the way

but overall it is an amazing gun and worth every sent
by J. MEJIA verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 06 September, 2009
verified buyer
For: A&K Full Metal SPR MOD0 AEG Airsoft Gun (Long Battery and Charger Package)
Product Information:
This gun has some good and bad but I would not personally reccomend this gun overall. The performance is lacking in the hop up, ROF, and the bbs do not feed very well. The FPS is outstanding at 450 and the look of this gun is sexy.

Great looking gun (very big and intimidating)

Shoots very hot (450 fps with .20) Great for woodland and cutting through branches/leaves/grass

Comes with front grip

Plenty of rail space for accesories.

Accuracy is decent

The hop up is terrible! (no backspin period)

Terrible feed when trying to fire bb's (a lot of dry firing, very annoying)

LOUD LOUD LOUD! (hard to hear people call hit and annoying near your hear/ear)

Front heavy (plastic stock and full metal rail system up front)

Range is not that great because the hop up is so bad...cannot get the bb to backspin for lifting the bb.
by N. STEGALL verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 26 August, 2009
verified buyer
For: A&K Full Metal SPR MOD0 AEG Airsoft Gun (Long Battery and Charger Package)
Product Information:
I got this a couple months ago, and I must say that this is one of the best rifles I've ever owned. I play alot of mil sim games and this feels like my real m16. The foregrip I have found is useless as the rail is to far forward for me, but if you like to reach that far out its great.

Great fps 400+
Amazing accuracy, mines sited in at 175ft
Decent rof

none really overall an awsome weapon
by E. MORISCH verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 20 August, 2009
verified buyer
For: A&K Full Metal SPR MOD0 AEG Airsoft Gun (Long Battery and Charger Package)
Product Information:
I just got this gun this morning, in a nice UPS box sitting in my garage. First things first.. this gun is HUGE!!! Next, let me say that Airsoft GI has satisfied me yet again with the speed and quality of the shipping job. the gun and the other items were all packed neatly and securely within a larger box, and i got the box within a week of my e-check clearing, which is amazing with standard shipping and the fact that i live in Iowa.

First Impressions:
This gun is a beast. All the parts are metal, except of course for the stock and the grip, which aren't on the real steel either so no bust. only thing is it would be cool if the fixed stock wasn't a hollow shell but had a cavity in a more solid stock. oh well no problem with it, just would be nice. Also please note, this gun is HEAVY!!! just playing around with it in my house my arms started to get tired.

The first thing I've already done is take off the orange tip that comes screwed on, but instead of putting on the included extension piece that is shown in the pictures, i put on my GEMTECH Blackside Mock Silencer from my MP5K on the end and it looks awesome. i also love the GEMTECH because it adds a nice punching noise to the sound of the gun and makes this gun that much meaner. and boy does this gun sound meaner than hell. i fired a few shots off a quick charge about 150 ft to a hay bale i have in my backyard, and not only were the shots extremely fast and the gun sounded like it could rip me in half, i hit every single shot! I'm waiting for the battery to fully charge now then i really give it a test.

Other Notes:
Like every other review besides mine says, this gun is heavy...
on that note, i recommend getting a sling, but you are going to need to buy a forward sling mount for this gun because it doesn't have on on it.
I also bought two D-boy high cap mags for this gun in addition to the one it comes with. the D-boy mags look almost identical and fit snugly in the receiver.

everything that should be metal, is metal!
450+ FPS!!!
very sturdy build... no wobbles no creaks
tons of rails on top for optics, round fore-grip is very comfortable.
fold-up iron sights are very high quality
working charging handle and forward assist button.
Heavy - for those of you who like that for realism
Good ROF - not blistering but good enough for as fast as this gun is
included barrel extension has two additional thread types on it... not sure what size/ direction they are but they are there.
Magazines fit in securely and don't pop out.
Battery is small but is relatively good quality - good cells and the cables are fabric wrapped instead of plastic coated

Heavy - for those of you who don't like hefting a gun around all day
Magazines sometimes are difficult to get in... just something that needs to be learned.
ROF - not blistering fast, but for $200 can you really complain?
Battery isn't a very big one
Would be nice if the charging handle pulled all the way back... just a thing that i have
the stupid orange tip that is put on from factory looks like crap and is impossible to get off without breaking... but once you get it off you have access to a 14-mm CCW thread to attach the included extension shown in the pictures (which is painted orange on the end, for those of you who are interested in safety) or a barrel extension of your choice.

All in all i give this gun a 5 star rating because the gripes that i do have with it are extremely small and can be easily fixed for the most part. i highly recommend this gun to anyone looking for a cheap, high quality DMR rifle.
by K. MYERS verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 29 July, 2009
verified buyer
For: A&K Full Metal SPR MOD0 AEG Airsoft Gun (Long Battery and Charger Package)
Product Information:
This gun is awesome. I use it as a DMR, and it does the job perfectly. I use .28 BBs, which have good accuracy, but not great on range. i have made shots at 200 feet, but I had to aim alot higher than my target. What I like about the gun is that it is very consistent, so you can easily adjust. .2 BBs work alright, move a little more, but can hit further. Overall, it has great fps and great accuracy. If you want to use it like a DMR like me, you should be prepared to empty alot of rounds at your target if shootingg past 150 feet. This gun dominates anyone who is within 150 feet. You will not regret buying this gun if you plan on using it as a DMR. I haven't used it as anything else, but the other reviews make it sound like works in many scenarios.

High FPS
Good accuracy
Good range
Perfect as a DMR

Needs a bigger battery than it comes with.
it took me a while to find the ammo that goes best with this gun, which i think is .28
Slow ROF, but it doesn't matter if you use it as a DMR
by G. ZURAWSKI verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 21 July, 2009
verified buyer
For: A&K Full Metal SPR MOD0 AEG Airsoft Gun (Long Battery and Charger Package)
Product Information:
OK, its me again. I have currently owned this gun for almost a year now. I have used it in 2 major events and about 6 scrimmages. Totaling up to close to a 100 hours of use and well over 50,000 rounds of ammunition has gone through this beast. I am definantly hoping this new review makes people change their minds about A&K airsoft guns. Also note, i oil and clean my gun after every use. i clean the barrel and oil the internals. I have also attached a scope and have gotten two large batteries. My suggestion is that you invest in a large battery, but note, you will have to get an out side pouch for a large battery because it wont fit. with a larger battery though, your ROF will increase 10 fold and the range will go up by a little. the range on it is already at about 200 ft with little issue using a .25 bb. on the other hand a .20 bbs accuracy is down to around 100 ft if you are looking for a perfect shot every time. anyways. I havnt done this my self but i also suggest a tight bore barrel. And a lot of people are angered about the stock being plastic. I suggest you get over it because on a real m16 or any other variant the stock is plastic.

its metal
the gear box is very legit.
the fps after all these months is still around 430 and about 417 with a . 25
accruacy is really good stock

none because after use the heaviness goes away.
it does eat through the small 9.6 like candy
by S. SCULLY verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 23 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: A&K Full Metal SPR MOD0 AEG Airsoft Gun (Long Battery and Charger Package)
Product Information:
35" in length out of the box, this gun is a BEAST. Easy to hold and grip but heavy and long, this gun will tear up about anything. At $205, it's a steal, and though it probably won't quite match a Tokyo Marui in accuracy or efficiency, once you hit your enemy, they'll regret not bribing you to be on your side. Against just about anything else in this price range, it's a monster, and can compete with nearly anything. One attribute you should be aware of: The magazine catch is big. This is good, since it means it will take ANY M-4/M-16 clip, but you'll need to take a minute to learn how to jostle it just right quickly.

Bottom line- GREAT price, great power, but heavy and loud.

Lots of spots to place RIS rails all along the barrel, and there's an RIS rail down the entire top
Good pop-up sights, which are easy to flip down in order to place a scope
Easier to grip then the standard barrel M-4/M-16
Comes with barrel extender, which should add about 3 inches
With the exception of the stock, full metal

Heavy (I think it's about 10 lbs with scope and bipod, which are both a good idea)
Loud and shrieking which sounds like it's tearing itself apart, though it isn't (on the upper hand, it is rather intimidating)
Rate of fire is decent, but poor compared to the rest of the gun's standards
by D. ORLANDO verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 13 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: A&K Full Metal SPR MOD0 AEG Airsoft Gun (Long Battery and Charger Package)
Product Information:
Hey, me again. I finally got my .25's but they were black which i did not expect. It took a couple games and a whole mag after that to sight it in. But they are totally worth it. sure i cant see them and i have to rely on the flip up sights (which are amazing) but now people can do "matrix doging" of the bullets. and they dont know where im coming from either. The .20s i had previously had about a 3-4 foot spread on full auto but the blacks have a one foot spread at the same distance!!!!!!!! XD
after using for several months i can now write a better review.

-super acurate with .20s but absolutely unbelivable with .25s
-Auto setting is super fast and acurate. (more acurate than semi, i never use that setting, the bullets pull left on semi.)
-Rly heavy
-Rly loud, big intimidation factor

- I personally consider it a pro, but most would consider it a con. The stock is full and cant be folded, but i like that because it is incredibly solid.
-Semi setting causes bullets to fly left after like 75 feet.
-Mag is a tiny bit dificult to get in, you just have to use a little bit of muscle which if you dont have it, you will after playing some games with this gun. It RLY works your Pec's!!!
weighs bout eleven lbs!

I easily rate this gun a 10 1/2 !
by R. STARBUCK Date Added: Sunday 07 June, 2009
For: A&K Full Metal SPR MOD0 AEG Airsoft Gun (Long Battery and Charger Package)
Product Information:
Get your workout on with this gun, This is a heavy one. The gearbox is A+. One screw removal for service to lube parts and barrel cleaning. I have done allot of research on this one. It is heavy duty construction. Flip front/rear iron sights that are easily removed for full scope use. A little battery rattle and front iron sight wobbles a bit but I suggest that you use a scope with this one anywise. 0.25 run through this gun with ease and hitting thought the cross hairs at 180 feet. Don't use 0.20 / 0.12 unless you want to hook the BB. 0.28 are good and pack a punch. The first day I packed it with a 5000 round hi cap and blew through 4000 round's without a single problem with the stock battery. If I were you, get a 2 point sling and DO NOT ATTACH IT TO THE BARREL!!! The barrel is free inside of the rail, it can and will bend! Get a sling attachment for the rail! The precision hop-up is amazing. just a little turn does so much. Others say that the firing is loud, but common your firing a GUN! Get a Scope, 5000 round hi-cap, sling, and be a sniper or a front runner. Extremely versatile gun.

400fps out of the box.
full metal except the stock.
One bolt take down for service, (don't remove anything scope, or rails, it's the screw closest to the mag on the handle)
Easily removable iron sight's.
Upgraded internals for long life.

No full rails for top, bottom, and sides.
mini battery connector.
no stock front sling connector.
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