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SOCOM Gear Gemtech Oasis High Power Gas Pistol Airsoft Gun
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by S. ZOBRIST verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 25 March, 2012
verified buyer
For: SOCOM Gear Gemtech Oasis High Power Gas Pistol Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Nabbed this Ruger replica (presumably a Mk II, because it's made by SOCOM Gear) a month ago for $68 while it was on sale. Since then I've put hundreds and hundreds of rounds through it and all the mechanisms are holding up great. The fact that all it takes to disassemble it is to undo a latch and pull it in two has made it easy to keep clean and lubed through all the squirreling I do.

One would figure the inner barrel is longer than usual because the gun itself is almost a foot long, but it visibly ends a few inches from the tip of the mock silencer. Speaking of mock silencers, the Gemtech Oasis is indeed a matte black aluminum finish like the rest of their barrel extensions.

The rear sight is adjustable with a flat-head screwdriver, and it's also removable if you slide the whole thing to the left or right. I'm not sure if that means you can swap it out for another rear sight or something. Accuracy is superb for a pistol when you combine the higher fps with heavyweight bb's. People within 50 feet are easy pickings and it can reach out to 100 feet easy.

If you're worried about it being over 400 fps and thereby too hot to use, no need to fret. When I brought it to my favorite field (which has a limit of 400 fps) it clocked in at around 390 fps so I could use it.

If there's one fatal flaw of this gun, it's that the magazine is... Well, the opposite of streamlined? The magazine is released by a catch on the base of the grip, making fast reloads impossible. Reloading the mag if you only have one is a tricky, painstaking two-hand-job. There's no spring lock so you have to hold the thing down with your finger while you use a speed-loader in the other hand. If you hold it at the wrong angle, there is a slot that the last bb in is supposed to settle that you can fill prematurely and basically force you to dump out the whole mag and start over. If you release the spring while it is not fully loaded, all the bb's fly straight out of the mag and into the air. If you can get past all that and conserve your shots, then it's not all that bad.

Great range and accuracy for a pistol
Licensed Gemtech barrel extension
Not all that expensive considering Pro #2

Mag is a B****
Gets slightly wobbly, but still holds together strong
Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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