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Discountinued Airsoft Elite .20g 4000 BBs One Case Deal

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One of the most popular BBs out in the market, it's as close to a perfect 6.00mm as you can get. Instead of 3500 rounds per bag like most brands, Airsoft Elite offers 4000 rounds per bag for the same price as the other brands. This is the best way to save money on BBs, buy in bulk one case at a time. When you buy a case of BBs you save $51.00.

Manufacturer: Airsoft Elite
Dimensions: 5.98mm
Quantity: 4000 rounds per bag
Case Quantity: 24 bags
Design: All electric guns, high power spring guns, gas guns

Savings calculation based on Airsoft GI price per bag

Manufacturer: Airsoft Elite
D. SCOW | 2008-06-28
I ordered this case, originally for myself, as I tend to go through a ton of ammo. When I arrived at the battlefield and told my shooters about the deal, needless to say, they were amazed. I have since ordered 2 more cases and split the cost with my team. Everyone wins. Thanks AirsoftGI, for having a top class program.
verified buyer
J. TENG | 2008-11-08
Product Information:
AMAZING!!! That's what i have to say about this deal. Before i found this deal, i was wasting my money on single or triple bags! Now i have 24 bags (well, 18 now). I won't have to worry about buying anymore bb's for a while.

Excellent deal.
Good quality bb's.

Price may be an issue in some people's budget.
verified buyer
R. HAASE | 2013-02-26
Product Information:
The big BOX of Happyness very pleased with this box

HUGE box of Happyness for me and my team
these are very good quality bb's

i really cant think of any cons for this product

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