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JG GB6613 M4 S-System Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)

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The JG Full Metal M4 S-System is a phenomenal new gun from JG. Forget the JG you think you know, they've turned over a new leaf and have broken into the market for high quality airsoft guns. The internals of this gun are the same reliable, hard hitting internals that are equipped in the JG Enhanced AEGs. The exterior of this M16 can only be described one way, solid! The one piece outer barrel does not wobble at all. The S-System hand guards sit very snug inside the TM Style delta ring for an unwavering font hand platform. The Full Metal Body has a very stylish matte black finish. Finally the LE stock is very well made, which equates to higher stability, and more accuracy. When in use the gearbox sounds like a well oiled machine, smooth as silk. This is without a doubt the best bang for buck full metal M4 on the market!

Manufacturer: JG
Model: M4 S-System
Muzzle Velocity: 400+ fps
Magazine Capacity: 300 rounds
Color: Black
Weight: 8.1 pounds
Length: 33"
Battery Pack Size: Nunchuck battery
Package Includes: Manual, Magazine, Battery, Charger, Cleaning Rod

Reliable internals
Full metal construction
Adjustable LE style stock
Rail interface system

Please Note:

  • Vertical grip, scope, and magnifier are NOT included.

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Manufacturer: JG
Magazine Capacity: 300 Rds
Fire Mode: Safe, Semi, Full
Color: Black
Material: Metal
Battery Pack: Included
Package Includes: Gun, Manual, Magazine, battery, charger, Cleaning Rod
Outer Barrel Length: 14.5in
Stock Type: LE Stock
Handguard: S-System Rail
Sight: FLip Up Fron and Rear Sights
Overall Length Extended: 35in
Overall Length Retracted: 31in
Cylinder Head Type: Plastic
Cylinder Type: Type 1
Piston Head Type: Plastic
Piston Type: Nylon Fiber
Air Nozzle Type: M4
Tappet Plate Type: Ver. 2
Spring Type: 120
Spring Guide Type: Metal
Bushing Size: 7mm
Bushing Type: Bearings
Gear Set Type: JG Standard Gear
Switch/Wire Type: M4 Front Wired
Selector Plate Type: M4
Cut Off Lever Type: Ver. 2
Anti Reverse Latch Type: Ver. 2
Motor Type: JG High Powered
Hop Up Type: Plastic
Inner Barrel Length: 363mm
Sector Gear Clip: Yes
Fuse: No
Quick Spring Change: No
Primary Build Material: Metal
Gear Box: Ver. 2 Metal
Spring Release: No

T. SCHNEEKLOTH | 2011-07-21
Product Information:
I've seen the advanced plastic body version of this and this one and they're both very nice guns. For the price its pretty amazing. It's kind of rare when you can find an m4 with full metal rails and one that shoots 400+ fps reliably. JG has definately stepped up their game with their m4/m16 varients. This full metal, railed beast is no exception. It has a nice ROF on a high voltage battery and its fps is very intimidating. There are some things about this gun thats not to great though, but hey for the price its a great gun. If you are looking for a good quality gun for a good price than try this thing out.

Full metal version is fairly affordable
Plastic advanced version is cheap
Rails are metal and are everywhere
Decent ROF
Decent range
Comes with flip up sights

Battery space is tiny and hard to get to
Shoots to hot for indoor cqb but a lower rate spring can solve that
Even has a tough time getting into outdoor fields and events
Stock hopup bucking is kinda crappy

I would give this 4.5/5 but I can't do that so I'll give it a five because I almost bought this gun one time
verified buyer
D. PAYNE | 2013-09-08
Product Information:
It is a good gun but it does have some serious hiccups

I recommend reading the comments, that was the big mistake I made

Sturdy construction
Good fps

Poor weight balance
The battery compartment is crap
Needs a crane stalk
C. GOLDFUS | 2013-10-15
Product Information:
This was my first AEG (not really, my first one broke in half. So this is my first surviving AEG), and it has served me well. The construction is sturdy, however, it is relatively heavy. I eventually decided to do a make-over for this gun as the ugly rail system was starting to get to me, and this was when I realized that this gun is a pain in the a** to customize! Many parts are non-standard which makes this a non-custom friendly gun. Although you can add anything you desire to the rails, going any further than that will give you some serious troubles. Performance-wise, the gun is very decent. The rate of fire is fast with a 9.6v and it does its job well.

-Fast ROF
-Lots of rail space for accessories
-Sturdy construction

-Hard to customize when going beyond simple attachments
-Lost all accuracy and compression after two years of use (not a bad life-span for me, but some players are looking for guns that will last forever)
-Rail system is bulky, ugly, and hard to get rid of

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