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KWA MK36 430 rd. AEG High Capacity Magazine (Black)

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This magazine is recommended for use with the Echo 1, JG, Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, and KWA MK36 series AEGs, it may work with other brands AEG but cannot be guaranteed by Airsoft GI.

Manufacturer: KWA
Magazine Capacity: 470 rounds

    High Capacity Magazine Operation:
  1. Find the trap door, usually located on the top of the magazine near the loading nozzle.
  2. Open trap door and fill reservoir with high quality BBs.
  3. Wind the wheel at the bottom of the magazine (notice the pitch and volume of the click).
  4. Continue to wind wheel until pitch changes. Once the click gets louder, or begins to "double click," the magazine is fully wound.
  5. Insert magazine into gun and fire. You may need to rewind the wheel during play.

Manufacturer: KWA

verified buyer
P. YANG | 2010-05-02
Product Information:
i too will say that the mag is black. if you hold it in light you will see that its is transparent. fits my jg g36k perfectly. also "firmly" attaches to my jg g36k mag perfectly. performs just as good as the original jg mag. so far i have not had an issue with either mag. occasional rewind of the mag but thats standard on a high capacity mag.

transparent to allow you to see how much bbs you got left.
cheaper than the ca and tm mag with the same capacity, but works just as good.
fits my jg gun and stock mag perfectly.

i dont like to use the attachment feature on these g36 mags. at first i thought is was pretty cool. i figure it allows you to an extra mag or two without pouches or belts and it was a quick way to reload. i found that with two clips loaded in the gun together makes it hard to determine with the first mag is empty. hard to tell by weight and im not sure if the bbs shaking are from the first mag or the full 2nd mag.

having 2 mags attached to each other also blocks the positioning of your front arm.
verified buyer
H. O`BRIAN | 2010-09-28
Product Information:
Forget everything you ever knew about highcaps. These are insane. I own two of them, and don't regret my purchase one bit.

Good material. It's slightly transparent, but it still feels great.
They lock on with each other. Buy two of them, and you've just gotten yourself a 1000 round mag.
Feed flawlessly, even at 1000RPM.
Better in every possible way than my Echo 1's G36 mag.

Doesn't clip together with Echo1/JG mags
The disadvantage all highcaps face - you have to wind it.
The trapdoor is a little small. I had to use a peach preserves jar to get ammo into it.
these COULD be considered a little pricey, but honestly, it's still $12 cheaper than a Magpul PTS mag...

These are uncontestably the best highcaps you could ever want.
verified buyer
D. JENSEN | 2013-10-27
Product Information:
-Solid and reliable magazine. The original one that came with my KWA G36c still works perfectly after 4 years, I've never had an issue with it. The locking nubs are useful but make it hard to fit in mag pouches. AK mag pouches work pretty well though.

-Solid construction
-Large bb capacity
-Fast and easy disassembly
-Feeds well

- Locking nubs (while realistic) makes carrying them a bit annoying


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John r

(I have this same question)
Staff Answer:
Considering it is a KWA G36 style magazine for a KWA G36 style rifle it should work

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