TM Gas Blow Back Pistol M9 STARS Resident Evil

Tokyo Marui Biohazard Samurai Edge GBB Airsoft Gun

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One of the most unique airsoft hand guns available, modeled after the guns designed for a famous Japanese video game. It is a new take on the standard service pistol of the U.S. military. The ambidextrous safety is functional and it breaks down for maintenance in the same manner as its authentic counterpart. However, the new features include a plastic and imitation wood grip with Raccoon Police logos for authenticity. The slide also features engravings for Raccoon City law enforcement special forces. This gun is a must buy for fans of the game, or those that want a unique looking and reliable gas blow back pistol.

Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui
System: Gas Blow Back
Gas Use: 134A
Magazine Capacity: 26
Muzzle Velocity: ~280 fps
Package Includes: gun, gun magazine, and manual

Realistic Breakdown
Front Cocking Serrations
Functional Ambidextrous Safety
Functional Slide & Mag Release
Plastic/Imitation Wood Grip
Biohazard Engravings

Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui
S. YOON | 2009-01-11
Product Information:
Real Steel history
When the original Resident Evil was released, the standard sidearm was the M92FS.
In the later games and remakes, they changed some of the aesthetics and renamed it the
Samurai Edge STARS special. The externals were distinct, and the internals were of superior quality due to the continuous flow of funds though Umbrella and chief Irons. Otherwise, it was a standard sidearm, chambered in 9mm parabellum and based on a non-railed frame.

STARS captain Albert Wesker had a slightly different Samurai Edge, only slightly aesthetically different (you can get a similar look by painting the frame silver and the grips black) Barry Burton had a heavily modified one, with fiber optic sights, a muzzle compensator and burst function, chambered in .40 S&W. Marui also makes it, minus the burst, but they are exceedingly rare.

The mostly ABS samurai edge has a distinct look to it, even with the overused Beretta base.
The recoil guide rod, controls, hammer, takedown and internals are all metal. Sights are 3 dot, the rear slightly longer then standard and secured by an allen screw. The dark matte finish is accented by the silver barrel and guide rod, along with the distinct STARS grips; wood outline with a polymer panel and the STARS medallion. Trigger and hammer are black, although certain versions of the Samurai Edge have silver ones. Trades are deeply engraved in the later style slide (the "elite" type) and display "STARS kendo custom". However, ugly seams run down the frame, slide and barrel, although they are somewhat hard to see

the Beretta 92 is one of the less comfortable sidearms. Its wide grip, combined with a long trigger and slide mounted safety, make gripping a firing difficult for those with smaller hands. I'm not one with small hands; I can fire the Desert Eagle and 1911 hi capa with one hand easily. It is not that the Beretta is oppressively big, just awkwardly set up. The trigger is decent through, double action first shot with a fairly smooth pull, both double and single. Safety is very awkward for one handed use, I recommend either learning to sweep it with your thumb (weak hand works best) on draw, or carry safety off hammer down. This also brings up another problem: the right side safety falls off very easily. Locktite the allen screw holding it on. The slide release is pretty decent however, and fairly easy to reach. (unlike the god awful one on the Glock series, or the slightly short one on the 1911) Grips are removable too, so you can use other grips that fit on the real steel, or if you really need to cut down on width, just wrap the frame with board tape.
Most of these issues are with the inherent design of the pistol, not the specific replica, and don't really degrade the overall quality of the pistol.

Hop up is fixed and tuned for .2 BBs. With them, it gets roughly 320 FPS on green gas. Most of Marui's older pistols wear down on green gas, but these take them in stride, and are very satisfying. Recoil is crisp and fast, and it makes a nice bang on each shot. It is sharper pitched then most, a BAP!! rather then a BOOM! The magazine can take roughly 2-3 full loads worth of gas and the pistol is fairly gas efficient. Accuracy, range and ROF is great, you can really hold your ground in CQB, maybe even outdoors if you're fast.

-unique look, probably main reason for purchase
-great performance and firing feel, accurate
-reliable and relatively sturdy
-good range of upgrade parts, takes green gas pretty well
-good 3 dot sights
-good capacity, 26 rounds, and enough gas for rapid fire

-mostly ABS
-crap ergonomics
-right side safety falls off
-expensive and expensive mags
-fixed hop up
C. ALLAIRE | 2009-09-15
Product Information:
This is a very detailed GBB. It will fire 2-3 clips without running out of gas. It also features many markings along the slide that identify it as the Samurai Edge from Resident Evil. It has a beautiful STARS emblem on both grips and says STARS on the slide. It's decently accurate, will hit a small box from far away. I've seen a video on youtube where a kid tosses his around and submerges it in water. The gun still worked afterward, amazingly. (I wouldn't recommend doing that of course) Overall a very good gun if you don't mind paying, but if you love the Resident Evil series it is well worth it.

looks just like the STARS M9 from Resident Evil
smooth slide
gas efficient (2-3 clips before it needs to be refilled)
Metal internals

mostly ABS (not a big problem though)
price (you may want to shop around if you are considering getting one)

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