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* Discontinued * ACM 8mm M500 Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Silver)

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The ACM 6mm M500 Shotgun is a multi-shot gas propelled pump action airsoft shot gun. Each action loads three 6mm BBs into the barrel and when fired all three are propelled out by a gas propellant, preferably green gas. The furniture and pump are made of a durable ABS plastic. The body, barrel, and tubular magazine are constructed of metal. The build quality and attention to detail give the ACM M500 a realistic look and feel. If you're looking for a powerful and realistic shotgun on a budget, the ACM M500 would be something to consider.

Manufacturer: ACM
Muzzle Velocity: 290-380 FPS
Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds
BB Type: 8mm
Package Includes: gun and manual

No Warranty, for better M500 please purchase the Marushin 8mm M500 Shotgun
Manufacturer: China
T. STECHMANN | 2010-10-01
Product Information:
Overall this is by far one of THE best guns i have ever purchased. For me this shotgun was a dream. Its beautiful elegant and deadly. The 8mm BBS are probably the best part to this gun they are heavy but they shoot slow. But a low fps means nothing for this gun because mass X acceleration = pain!!! and lots of it. In battles with my friends every time i shoot it they duck out of fear. This gun has an amazing badass sound that every soldier needs. Although 8mm BBS are kinda hard to find AND they are very expensive eBay sells they for cheap! This gun does suck down a lot of gas so you should probably use propane but make sure you use lube. This gun has a drawback though to reload this thing in the heat of battle is a PAIN. Make sure u have a buddy because this gun is like reloading a musket trust me i have been there before. Also this gun is extremely durable. I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GUN TO SHOT GUNNERS YOU WILL LOVE IT AS MUCH AS I DO.

SHINY (although that can be bad to)
Its Unique no one i know has it or has seen it
ITs the best shotgun clone on the market
shoots hard
sounds beast
looks beast
feels beast
very durable

you need alot of gas i carry 2 cans
u need big pouches for bbs
reloads like a musket
heavy about 8 or 9 pounds

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